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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still working on the edits/formatting. Also cruised around and found another image for my header, well an additional image-it's going to go on the left side. But I'm saving the make-over for the new wordpress site.

In the meantime enjoy this vid. I think it's one of my favourite moments from ANGEL.

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Gennita said...

Sometimes, I forget how much I loved Angel. And Buffy. Sigh.

vanessa jaye said...

I loved Buffy, then she sort of lost me around the Riley/Spike era. I watched infrequently after that.

Angel? I was there from day one. And it only got better (better than Buffy, too. ::raspberry to nay sayers:: ). We have the complete series on DVD.

And I loved the chemistry between Angela and Spike far more than Spike and Buffy. And, omg, Angela and Codelia, especial that last scene with Angel and Cordelia where he gets the phone call? wow.

And Westley's character arc which is seond only to Tobias Beecher's arc on OZ, was nothing short of kick ass. Totally believeable. That's how you do character growth/change properly, folks.

Don't get me started.

Gennita said...

I loves me Westley's character turning darker and darker. I totally hated what they did to Cordelia. AND I DID NOT LIKE THEM bringing my Angel and Cordelia together. Nope. Angel belongs to Buffy, dammit.

Have you ever read Jennifer Crusie's essay on Buffy and Cordelia? That* was classic.

vanessa jaye said...

I must disagree. Angel and Cordelia had a deeper love than Angel and Buffy. I, too, thought Angel belong with Buffy 4evah!!!, but over the course of the story with friendship leading sloooowly to something much deeper and richer, I really believed in him and Cordi at the end. I think *by then* Angel had outgrown Buffy, and she (judging from the bits of shows I saw towards the end of her run) probably had outgrown him, too. They had something powerful together but it was in the past.

::pause for breath::

As for Cordi, remember, what they 'did' to her was have her possessed by Jasmine. The whole Conner/Cordi thing? Double Yuck with extra chunky Yuck dressing. But that as really Jasmine inside Cordi.

And speakig of Cordi, if there's one thing I can't stand in fiction and in real life it's a bratty kid.

Sasha White said...

Man, I loved that series! (And that episode) Like you Vanessa, I watched Buffy until the Riley stage. I think I aw the first season with Riley, just because Faith was back, and I loved that kick ass bad girl LOL

Angel, I have the complete set on DVD as well, and was with it form Day one,.

Agree with you both on Wes's journey. It was Fantastic!

As well, I hate what they did with Cordi. I liked her and Angel getting together in the love that never happened way, but hate that they made Cordi pregnant and evil and killed her. That whole storyline sucked...especially the Cordi/Conner thing. *gag*

I agree they (Cordi and Angel) had a more 'adult' love. I think Cordi knew, and accepted, Angel and all his good and Bad sides in a way Buffy never did.

I loved Spike on Angel, and Harmony too! And Faith. *grin*

Great talk, sorry I was so late joining it.

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, yeah, Faith! She sooo rocked. Messed up chick, but deep down, a good heart. And forgot about Harmony. She didn't have a bigger part on Angel than she did on Buffy but they made her less of a charicature.

Hey, it's never too late to join in.

But. as usual, I blame Gennita. ::snicker::

Gennita said...

Wait a minute! Why am I to be blamed?!

And it's BUFFY AND ANGEL FOREVAH dammit! Treasonous, blasphemous bi-otch! ;-)

Look, there is only ONE episode that cuts me up (besides the final one where Wesley dies) and that's the episode that has Angel regaining his humanity and he finds that he can walk in the sun. And the way he and Buffy sexed it up all day and night after that (his nekkid ass while he's buried looking for ice cream in the fridge was so beauyoootifulll). And then, he finds out that being human means he can't protect Buffy or the world, that Buffy has to fight the good fight alone.

He :::SOB::: sacrifices his humanity and tells Buffy he's made a bargain to turn the clock back, but the payment is she won't remember their time together while he would. And she kept saying she would, she would, she would! And...she didn't. It was so sad.

Admittedly, Buffy was given Spike to move the story on and yeah, they were a hot couple too, but I always felt there were two Buffys here, the old Buffy I love and the one they moved to UPN (grin).

Okay, you started this. Once you start me on Buffy and Angel, it's going to be essays upon essays, I tell you!

vanessa jaye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vanessa jaye said...

Granted, my poor deluded friend (I'll let the 'biyotch' comment slide, trick) that was a very touching moment. But I still contend that Angel and Buffy were young love/first love. One that's never forgotten, but really more a fairytale than anything.

Cordi and Angel? What they had was real, man! Did you see Waiting in the Wings episode, when he made that comment that Cordi was the most beautiful woman in the world (with his heart in his eyes? And when she woke up out of the coma, his sheeeeeer joy? And omg, that moment when he answers the phone and they tell him she never woke up from the coma and when he looks behind him and she's gone, gone, gone? Didn't that rip your little coal black heart out?

Gennita said...

Come on, Angel is 300 years old; he knows what love is. His "young" love was Darla, remember her?

I'm not saying Angel didn't love Cordelia. He did, of course he did, but given the chance to have his ideal love back, the one he WALKED away from TWICE, do you think he wouldn't? (Yes, he would, yes he would, yes he would!). Because he would go through hell for Buffy, that's why.

Come on, he even had to recuperate for a few months a Tibetan monastery to get over Buffy's "death." Cordy's? Not so much. ;-)

That said, I do agree that Cordy's character grew to the years. The Beauty Queen can save the world too, dammit! Angel sees this, loves this about her, because she mothers him.

And I don't care who was inhabiting her body when she did Connor. I bleached my brain of those episodes.

P/S I apologize about calling you bi-otch. Traitor.

vanessa jaye said...

but given the chance to have his ideal love back, the one he WALKED away from TWICE, do you think he wouldn't? (Yes, he would, yes he would, yes he would!).

I'd agree...If he hadn't then moved on to a more mature love and been through all that he had with Cordi (cause, really, he was just the shadowy dude in the background with Buffy, with Cordi he went through everything that happened during those 5 seasons of Angel. Comparing what he experienced in Sunnidale compared to what he went through in Los Angeles?

No comparison. And Cordi was with him every step of the way.

Didn't care for the Conner/Cordi as Jasmin thing either, but since I Conner got on my last nerve anyway somehow I didn't take it quite to heart as others. :-P

P/S I apologize about calling you bi-otch. Traitor.

Piffle. If you saw all the names I called you in that deleted comment.... heh,heh,heh. lol. (j/k)

Besides, I did call you 'trick' in the comment I left up. lol. So we're even, trick. ;-)

postscript from Urban Dictionary:

1. trick - tRicK'(n.) A broad term for describing women who are either teases, hoes, or one of the above pretending to be the other. Calling a woman a trick shows you are not impressed/convinced by their shit.


Trick! Get out of my room! or Trick! get on your knees!

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