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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've been skimming past most of the Cassie Edwards stuff, except to clearly state, somewhere at some point, that plagiarism is wrong. But good, bad or indifferent, I tire of the constant online drama. (And please dear lord don't let anyone take that statement over to their own blog and use it as a jump off point to post about unconscionable indifference.) We're not 2 weeks into the new year yet and I think there's been 4 dust-ups so far.

But I'm glad I didn't skip or skim the post linked to below. I read every single word. You should too.

The ever eloquent, Meljean Brook.

***Update: And if you're looking for the most entertaining sum up of the whole Cirque du Cassie Edwards... look no further than Gennita Low's most recent post.
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