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Friday, January 11, 2008

So the mattress/boxspring I bought last weekend? They're supposed to be delivered today. The sales guy said after 4. I was thinking 4pm-7pm. Silly me.

They left a message. They'll be here anywhere between 6pm and 11pm.

Yeah. Eleven. The store--one of those superstore dealies--closes at 12pm, but still....

Edit:: The delivery guys just left (9:28pm). The boxspring couldn't make it upstairs but the mattress did. *sigh*. My choices were to either get a split boxspring, or a low profile. I decided to go with the low profile because the new matress with the old boxspring (hey I gotta sleep somewhere tonight) is almost as high as the top of the footboard. I could tell the sales guy wanted to talk me into the 18" deep split boxspring cause it would cost $100 more. fuggedaboutit. It *sould* be delivered sometime tomorrow. ::Fingers crossed::
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vanessa jaye said...

And then I find out they sent the wrong mattress (the firm, not the plush). I called the sales guy back. On his cell. tough. He's trying to talk circles around me, telling me that I told him I wanted the firm, and that I should try the firm mattress out for a couple of nights before I made up my mind. Then I could exchange hassle free. 'Hassle free'? really? cause I'm feeling kinda hassled right now. The thing is, he closed the deal by giving me the plush mattress at the sale price of the firm. Now he's telling me I have to come in to speak to the manager. wtf for? when he said he'd speak to the manager and okay the sale price to begin with. I have to be downtown in the morning, now i Have to get up extra frigging early to go to the damn store, straighten this shit out then rush down town. I just know he was trying to pull a fast one on me. Too bad I took particular note of the differences between the plush and firm mattress (one has tufted buttons, one doesn't, never mind you can feel the freakin difference.) I'm steaming. And because it's THAT time. I'm really steaming. Things aren't going to be pretty tomorrow.

vanessa jaye said...

I won. My new mattress and split boxspring will be delivered next Saturday. They have an no exchanges/no refunds policy, which is fine and dandy.... if your sales person hadn't told you the EXACT OPPOSITE time and again, and, also, if you'd received the merchandise you'd actually chose and paid.


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