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Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is getting ridiculous.

I spent most of the day wrestling with Raine & Winston's story. I tweaked a couple of chapters but it became more and more apparent that I shouldn't be messing with the ms right now. Raine's voice is *very* distinctive. Her voice is so such a deep 3rd person POV, it could easily be first person. I can't capture that voice right now.

So, I'm back on Zoë and Odile. Wrote a couple of pages that put me over the 'block' I' had before. The block was switching to Odile's voice. Instead of going 'dark', I'm going to keep him light (grouchy and put-upon). I was able to slide in some back-story on him, but nothing too heavy. And I had fun researching French-Canadian swear words. lol. I have friends/associates I could ask, but I'll have them vette anything that doesn't ring true with me. I worked in a restaurant during my late teens with a bunch of chain-smoking, horny lascivious, foul-mouth Montréalers, so a lot of the stuff I dug up sounds familiar. **This is my experience over several years of pt work with a bunch of wonderful, funny and generous people. Please. Nobody take offense to my description of my (past, we've lost touch) friends.

Kinda sucks, Raine and Winston are on the back burner again. It would have put me ahead of the game to work on something half-way finished, but with the rewrites involved, I just don't want to chance screwing up the voice.

On the up side, apart from all the revising/rewriting done. I'm happy I got a couple of new pages done, which got me out of a tight spot in terms of where the scene was going. And even better, because there's no revising to do, I can stay off the computer and write on the Quick pad. That should increase my output quite a bit.
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