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Thursday, November 01, 2007

So I'm reading on the commute home and come across this passage:

"A friend of hers," Adrienne said. She glanced back over her shoulder at her father. He waved. Scene where Adrienne defends her roommate's decision to share a hotel room with another man. "You have women in here every night throwing themselves at you. You hardly have a right to get angry."


1. Author.
2. Critique Partner(?)
3. Beta Readers(?)
4. Agent.
5. Editor.
6. Copy Edits.
7. Paperback edition released 1 year after hardback release(?)
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Amie Stuart said...

HOly Fuckinole batman!!! I wonder how many eamils she's gotten about that! Cuz you know there are typos and then there are TYPOS

vanessa jaye said...

Amie, I was reading that book on the commute home after a 10 hr day at the office. I kept reading that passage over and over, thinking it was my fatigued mind that couldn't make sense of it, till what I was reading finally clicked. lol.

Yeah, there are typos. Then there are TYPOS.

Amie Stuart said...

Why I use brackets! LOL

Amie Stuart said...

and bold caps and put it on its own line.

vanessa jaye said...

I use CAPS, asterisks and highlight it in yellow. lol.

Bailey Stewart said...

OMG!!!! Speechless, absolutely speechless. (Don't say it Ames)

This is why I use asteriks, separate the note from the rest of the MS AND highlight it in red with underlining.

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