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Monday, November 26, 2007

When I got my tentative release date for Felicity Stripped Bare, July 2008 seemed a ways away.

Not anymore. It's 8 months and counting down.....

Aside from wrangling with the writing, I haven't done much more than add a tagline to the blog header and make sure that the name I leave with any online comment is consistently 'vanessa jaye' in terms of approaching this writing gig with a soupcon more professionalism. But I have been planning to do more. To wit:

1. A (new) website. I've already contact one web designer and her questionnaire has been sitting in my inbox while I figured out what I wanted. I think I have a pretty good idea now and I've been meaning to get back to her for several weekends now. I'll do it this weekend for sure.

2. I didn't plan for this, but I'm very honoured to join the talented, witty and insightful ladies over on Southern Fried Chicas. I'll be guest blogging over there the first Wednesday of every month!

3. Speaking of guest blogging, I'll be having guest bloggers over here. I'm not sure how often, yet. Think I'll figure that out along the way. The hook is: the blogger can write a post on anything they'd like, as long as it in some way relates to procrastination. lol.

And on that note.... My first guest blogger is Dee Tenorio. She'll be posting tomorrow, just in time to coincide with her new release TEST ME. Check out Mrs. Giggles' thumbs-up review here, then come back tomorrow for the talented Ms. Deedle Dee's post.
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Gennita said...

What, you don't think joining blogs and guestblogging are a form of subversive procrastination for an author? :D

vanessa jaye said...

Gennita is nothing sacred with you!? Stop bursting my bubbles of self denial! Can't you see how pretty and shiny they are?

I see I have met a worthy and wily, accomplice. I'll be right over to your blog for further enlightenment... ;-)

Gennita said...

I have years...YEARS...of wasted time logged in. You'll have to try really hard (like getting to level 90 of Bookworm several times) to catch up. :D

vanessa jaye said...

hmm... multipublished author, selfemployed roofer, and mommy to several fur-babies.

Procrastinator? I think not.

You be frontin' girlfriend.

::peels another grape::

::buffs nails::

::plays another round of Bedazzler::

Amie Stuart said...

I just wanted to take a break from playing Diner Dash to say HEY! Welcome to SFC....hehehehehe

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks shugs!!

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