I'm Sofa King....

Thursday, September 20, 2007


(Apologies to Teen Aqua Force's more brilliant 'I'm sofa king re Tod did'. You have to watch the episode to really appreciate the twisted humor. I personally laughed my ass off.)

erm, where was I? Oh, yeah. dead-assed tired. Coworker is off, I'm pmsing so bad there's been times I'd gnaw my ovaries right out of my belly, and for some reason I thought this was the week I should get my hinie back to the gym. Like I said, 'I'm sofa king re Tod did'.
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Amie Stuart said...

magnesium for that pms babe :) and rest!

vanessa jaye said...

Now why does that sound familiar? Probably because you've suggested it before. *gg*. I'll look into it, I think I'm supposed to be taking a Calcium supplement anyways because of my age; I'm pretty sure I can get C+M together in one pill.

On the other hand, the excercising has really, really, helped with cramps. I forgot about that benefit too. ;-P

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