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Saturday, September 15, 2007

**See post below for title reference

I received the signed back contract in the mail a couple of days ago, and an email from my editor with invitations to join about 5 different Yahoo groups and a couple of attachments re my bio, blurb and something with cover-art (I think). Now I'm going to have to research other author blurbs to see how they've done it. The tagline blurb *might* not be that bad. I'm pretty sure there're a couple of 'hooky' sentences I can cull and use.

Anywho, I gotta run to Home Depot. I don't think the previous owner in the five years they've lived in the house have cleaned the vents. I kept meaning to since we moved in, but with winter coming and knowing we're going to be hermetically sealed in the house with nothing to breath but the air passing through those vents (ugh) I gotta get a move on that.

We've also been having a series of storms through the area recently and a couple of branches fell off the tree in the back, they're big enough to need cutting/chopping up but we don't have a saw or a an axe. There's also some other gardening stuff we'll need to deal with, never mind the wonderful experience of climbing up a ladder two stories up to clean out the eavestroughs, so a couple of heavy wearing gloves are in order there. There a long list of stuff that needs doing around here, that I won't bore you with, but somewhere in there the writing stuff (including writing) will get done.

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vanessa jaye said...

I'm totally blanking on the scene suggestion for cover. I was going to say 'no strip club scene' but then I thought that might appeal to some readers on the 'sexy' angle. There is a fun scene where the hero/heroine are painting a room together. hmmm.... time to go Googling.

raine said...

Try checking out covers past & present from Samhain & other publishers, VJ. Gives you an idea what's out there, what appeals most to you & readers, etc.
And don't know if it's any help, but the Cover Cafe's 2006 winners are posted here, just for ideas? (sorry, don't know how to do the linkage...)

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks for the link, Raine. I'll keep it for next time. ;-P

I googled images till I was seeing double and only came up with one that was sort of 'okay', but kinda cliche-- guy has girl up against the wall. *sigh*

I've rarely used pictures of models/actors for my h/H, even when I do, my H/h is taller, or their hair is different, eyes a different color, etc. It's a resemblence at the most. But I can the the benefits of having role models to play off of when it comes to cover art. I'm crossing my fingers right now.

Dee Tenorio said...

Hey, look for those hose extender thingies to clean out your those troughs. Keeps you off the ladder!


vanessa jaye said...

*snap!* I never thought of that, Deedle. I'm going to look for that at Home Depot this weekend. Thanks hon! I wasn't looking forward to climbing up that ladder... ::shudder::

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