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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That's what Chaoscat said.....

After I told her I sold.

To Samhain.

But it was after she said: I told you so.

An extra special thank you to a very special Raine Weaver for a very timely offer.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ms. Former Aspiring Writer.


shaz said...

It's about time you got your 'freakiness' in print ;) This is long-overdue. Go celebrate the hell out of this achievement. YOU F*** ROCK !!

Sasha White said...

WHOOO HOOO! Ms. Vanessa Jaye. Samhain Author.

Has a very nice ring to it. *grin*


Jordan Summers said...

Congratulations!!! Welcome to the club. ;)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! That's wonderful. I'd love to hear the details!

Big congrats!

Jean said...


meljean brook said...

Woooooooooooot! Congratulations! *happy dance for you* I can't wait to hear the details!

raine said...

I'm actually misting up here (SUCH a wuss, I know, lol...)

And I'm so freaking happy for you I could burst!!!!


Jaye said...

I'm of two minds, I want to blabber on and on, but I'm still a bit brain dead and I'm on way out the door to work, but thank you, Dude, Shaz,Sasha, Jordan, Jorrie,Jean (lol. Love the alliteration happening here)Meljean and last, but certainly not least,Raine!!

It still seems unreal.

Dude, I'm honoured you delurked to Congratulate me. (You too, Jean!)

Shaz, we were doing the dinner and movie thing tonight (Bourne) but now I think we'll go somewhere other than McDonalds. lol.

Sasha, yes it does have a night ring. ;-)

Jordan, thanks for the welcome!

JOrrie & Meljeans, details will be forthcoming, although there's not much of that. Also I'm wondering if I jumped the gun here. The editor said she'd love to offer me a contract if I was still interested in publishing with Samhain, and I said damn straight I'm still interested (or words to that effect. *g*) Maybe I should have waiting till I'd recieved and accepted the contract rather that the offer to extend the contract.
(Just, we writers are a neurotic bunch. *sigh*)

'K, got to skeedadle off to work.
Thanks again folks for posting. It means a lot. :-)

charleneteglia said...

Congratulations! See you on the Samhain author loop. : )

Amie Stuart said...

Congratulaitons honey! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!! So, what are you gonna do for book two?



Sylvia Day said...


Linda Winfree said...

Yay!!!! Congrats, Jaye!!!!

I'm so excited for you!!!!

(I'm sure you can't tell.)


Stephanie Tyler said...


Congrats :):):):)

Awesome, wonderful news!!!!!

Lynn Viehl said...

Congratulations, Ms. Jaye. This is one post I've been waiting to read here for a very long time.

we writers are a neurotic bunch

...and that doesn't change after you go pro. The publishers simply say you're artistic. :)

Ann said...

Congrats! That's awesome.

Christyne Butler said...

Yeah Jaq!!!! So happy for you! Welcome to the Samhain Family --- can't to see you on the loops!

Julie Cohen said...

Awesome!!! Hooray hooray hooray for you!!

I think you can consider it a real offer, even without the contracts in your sweaty hands.

So pleased for you.

Tara Marie said...

Big Time Congrats!!

So is it too soon to ask for an arc??

Biddy said...

YAY!! GO YOU!!! This is great news, long overdue :-)

I think this means I will celebrate on your behalf tonight (I'm selfless that way!)

trish said...

Long overdue, my dear. So very, very happy for you. Can't wait to hear more details!!

I think I can be as selfless as Biddy and go celebrate for you, too.

mary beth said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to hear the details.

avidbookreader said...

Congrats and you know I'll be reading it.*smile* Congrats, congrats, congrats to you. Can't wait to read it. ---Keishon

Jaye said...

wow. ::blinkblink:: I'm honestly surprised, and touched, at the number of comments here.

Sorry for the delay in getting back here, but between suffering mild bouts of insomnia for most of last month, then to be thrown into the grinder this month pulling longer hours to meet deadlines & target numbers, I've just been a heap of quivery exhaustion.

Enough of that though...

Charlene, thank you. I look forward to being in the loop. ;-)

Geez, Cece, way to harsh my groove. lol. Seriously though, I've been spending more time thinking/worrying about the next book, than I have about the recent sale. Guess i can always depend on my friends to keep me grounded. ;-)I'm back to the Odile and Zoe ms, btw.

Sylvia! I know you're pretty much staying off the blog rounds and focusing on your writing, so thank you for taking the time to pop by!!

Lin! Remember hanging on the HQN thread holding hands virtually while we waited.... and waited for the responses to our submissions? Seems like we've come full circle now and, ironically, still ended up at the same publisher. lol. Thanks a lot, hon. :-)

Stephanie! Thank you, hon! Did you have a release date on Jake's story? I'll be over to your site in a little bit. I'm really looking for the the Sydney Croft books. :-)

word verification is "jaqtrx." heh. Jaq on track? I only hope so. ;-)

Jaye said...

PBW, this is one post I very much fear wasn't going to happen for various reasons. I'd like to think I'm in a better place and ready to move forward. Thank you for dropping by. :-) Whoo hooo, now I'm an artiste and not neurotic! lol.

Anne, thanks for cheers!

Oh my, I see a lot of familiar faces from my old stomping grounds over at Struggling Writers on eharl! Someone has spilt the beans. lol. I'll be over in a bit, ladies, to be honest, I've been so absent from that thread I was afraid it might seem like I just came over to brag.... :-P Silly & stupid, of course in hindsight. Blame it on exhaustion. Of course you guys would be happy for me. I'll be right over! But thank you, Julie, Biddy, Trish, and Mary Beth for dropping by! :-D

Tara Marie, Thank you! An ARC? ::nervouslaughter:: *gulp* ::swoonthunk!:: lol. Absolutely! I'll have to pick a few brains on who to put together an ARC that looks more like an ebook, rather than sending the 400 word document. lol.

Keishon, thank you for the congrats. Can I admit to being a little nervous at the thought of you reading this? I know you're a tough cookie to please, so how about I send you an ARC to might mitigate any residual bitterness you might feel towards the book if you think it sucks. lol.

Michelle Willingham said...

This has been the best week! Lots of sales this week! Congratulations and I'm so proud of you!!!

V.Jaye said...

Who else sold, Mich? Thanks, for the congrats, doll. :D

Karen Scott said...

Ooohh what fantastic news! Huge congrats!

Alison Kent said...

Well sooper dooper yay! Fantastic news! I knew it was only a matter of time!

Michelle Willingham said...

Jaq--it was Nell Dixon who sold. Don't know if you know her from eharlequin. She sold her first book to Little Black Dress.

Um..and I kind of sold two more books, too. :)

V.Jaye said...

Thanks, Karen! I'm still floating. *g* Be warned, I know you can't be arsed to do reviews, but I'm girding my loins to send an ARC your way. *gulp*

Aww, thank you, Alison. Means a lot to hear you say that. :-)

Woot, Michelle! Congrats, hon! I'll pop over by your blog to do it in 'peson'. *g* Nell's name does sound familiar, I'll track her down too. Thanks for the heads up.

Gennita said...

Can I put in a belated congrats? CONGRATULATIONS! So now, about that secret handshake...;-)

vanessa jaye said...

Belated, bedeviled! You're here and it's all good in da hood! Thank you Gennita!

There's a secret handshake?

::paranoia returns::

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