Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've taken the rest of the week off, plus Monday is labor day, so it'll be an extra long weekend for me. I was looking into a quick get-a-way, but between the renos and college tuition that ain't gonna happen. Instead, I'll probably do some cleaning, painting, unpacking and.... writing. :-P

This morning I decided bike to the Tim Hortons (donut/coffee shop). It's a about an hour walk from here. I figured 10 mins on the bike. No problem.


It's 10 mins by bike. All. Up. Hill. By the time I got there I changed my mind about the donut ::snort:: and got a toasted bagel instead. *g*. Biking back was a breeze, prettymuch coasted all the way. I think I'll make that a weekend ritual from now on.

I'm recharging the iPod at the moment, and I'll be reading through a couple of chapters Chaos sent over for some feedback, then it's off to the library to.... write! Can't write at home with the tv, and the kid, and the internet. *sigh*

I'll check in later with the results. Sorry for the boring post. :-P
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vanessa jaye said...

There's free internet at the library. Who knew? :-P Guess I better hit that 'disable-net-access' button on the laptop. I was able to email Chaoscat some pretty thorough feedback ony her partial though, so feeling good about that.

Now let's see how the writing goes...

Shesawriter said...

Now there's one I haven't tried. Writing at the library. I don't know if I could do it because that would then put me under pressure to ... um ... write. I don't like being forced to do anything. LOL!

raine said...

Used to write at the library in college. Find a nice, quiet floor and stay there all day...sigh...
Last time I went to the local library, there were kids running all over making lotsa noise.


Enjoy that weekend!

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