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Sunday, August 26, 2007

In the next hour or so I'll be heading off downtown to Kensington Market in Toronto. Today they've closed off all the streets to vehicular traffic, it's pedestrians only and be meeting another of my friends who's a real foodie, so it should be a fun day. But it's also for research--the hero of one of my current wips is a chef, so I want to soak up the atmosphere of shopping for fresh/exotic ingredients in this type of atmosphere, rather than my usual stop off at the nearest supermarket. I'm a FOOD network addict, and the initial inspiration for the book came to me as I watched Restaurant Makeover. I'm also a big fan of Chef Ramsay's shows, so my hero will be along those lines of foulmouthed-asshole-of-the-year in terms of personality. lol. Physically I'm picturing a younger, long-haired 'biker' Sean Connery type. But he'll be one hell of a chef. This wip will be a ST (contemporary, humorous, very sexy).

The other wip is novella. I'm still hung up on that horror/romance thing and came up with two interesting character types that I think will work well. Initially I was looking for an idea for the ST, but this idea didn't quite work, then I tweaked it in my head a bit, came at it from a paranormal angle (vampires are not much in demand, I know, but in this case the vamps are the prey. heh.) and it'll be erotic-- just the nature of the story. We'll see how that all works out.
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vanessa jaye said...

That was fun. Shopping at the supermarkets all the time, with their shiny paramids of of perfect fruits and misted veggies, it's odds that those enticing veggies and fruits basically have no smell. Today at the market I was overwhelmed by the most declicious scents and the produce was so big and juicy! I can certainly put myself in my H's shoes now. Yes, I know that many restaurants get their produce/supplies delivered, but I'd like to think my guy still does a daily/weekly run for inspiration.

Amie Stuart said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I have to say I HATE that nasty waxy stuff they put on the veggies and fruit at the grocery store. It's 1/2 the reason I try to buy organic even if it's not from a farmer's market.

Sasha White said...

I love Hell's Kitchen! I don't get the Food Netwokr so I haven;t seen his other shows. I also have a chef hero. He was a secondary character in LUSH, tattooed with long hair, but the best chef around LOL

Love a bad boy who can cook huh?

The Market sounds like a great place to go. Nothing like that around here. LOL

vanessa jaye said...

I had a great time, Amie. The market is exactly as the link in my post describes it. Spoken word artists, live music, dance troupes, great architecture -- my girlfriend brought along her camera and got some great shots--nevermind the amazing array of food choice. I haven't been to the market since I was a little girl (8 yrs?). But I'll definitely make it a point of getting down there more often.

Agreed on the waxy coating. But I scrub everything (water and soap) before eating it. I'd love to buy organic, but it's waaaaay more than supermarket price 2 - 3 times more expensive. My budget can't handle that. :-P

Sasha- Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is his other show. He goes into failing restaurants and "guides" ::snort:: the owners/chefs through a re-do in decor, menu and service with his usual charm. lol.

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