An apology and a review (of sorts)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sorry folks, my coworker is off this week and we have INSANE targets to meet this month. I'm just too brain dead to blog, even though I have replied to a yahoo digest or two and dropped a comment on Dear Author (prettymuch the only blog not blocked at work).

Anywho, I gave my two cents on the RRL loop a couple of days ago on a recent read so might as well get a blog post out of it:

I'm in the middle of Lora Leigh's Forbidden Pleasure. Hat's off to her for making a difficult situation *almost* seem believable. I still don't quite buy that 2 Alpha males would be willing to share their heroine/love of their life, and it's pretty convenient that one of the Alpha's is a voyeur (at least where the heroine is concern), but the author has explored quite a bit of their psychology/backstory which goes far into making it work. Also she explores the heroine's fears about what bringing a third into their relationship will do to her marriage and the emotional upheaval she goes through when she realizes she's developing feelings for the other man. So, yeah, it's a HAWT book, but it does has substance. The suspense was the weakest part of the story, but I enjoyed it, unlike others who thought that subplot could have been done away with completely. Too much focus on the physical/erotic needs to be tempered/balance with other develpments in the larger world setting of the book as far as I'm concerned or it loses it's impact. Oh, yeah, also didn't believe that the *whole* town would be so accepting about them. But did I mention da HAWTNESS?!? *phew* Which brings another thing to mind.... as I was reading I did believe that the heroes did love/care deeply for the heroine, their povs where done very well. After I finished reading, and the suspension of disbelief no longer held, well, my overwhelming feeling was that the heroine was little more a serious piece of ass for the guys. That the heroes loved f*cking her (as one exclaims mid cotius) more than they truly loved her. Then again, lovemaking isn't all soft touches and sighs, it's also raw to the bone, sweaty, grunting, messy, Gawd I love this! spread'em, pump it, down n dirty, knocking boots. And the author showed this side of things in spades and does it well.

Having said all that, the book in on my keeper shelf. It's worth checking out.
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Tara Marie said...

I kept this one too, for now--at least until my next book purge.

1. It is hot and LL does a good job dealing with the "relationship" issues.

2. I didn't need the suspense.

3. Suspension of belief is needed when one thinks about small town reaction.

4. You can tell I over analyse when I read, I keep imagining their future children 5 years old and explaining to the entire kindergarten that Mommy sleeps with both Daddies at the same time... "Mommy and my daddies have a really big bed, you know. How many daddies do you have?"

Amie Stuart said...

Haha I have more daddies than you LOL

Jaye said...

lol. Amie.

Tara, I got a long ramble on this, and don't have the time to post it right now, but I will.

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