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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I want to post on some books I've read or bought recently, just too wiped/lazy to do so, but this is what I found in my mailbox recently:

Full disclosure: Amie and I critted seriously for a year or so, but that has nothing to do with nothing. I can you she's a great writer. Strong clean way of writing,( her voice struck me right away), her characters are 'real' down to earth, her wit shines through, and the woman can write HAWT! (woot!)

You can find Amie here.
HANDS ON excerpt here
Or buy her book here.

Thanks, Ames!!
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raine said...

Geez I love that cover.

Jaye said...

It's a great cover, Raine. Very eye-catching.

And the title ain't half bad either.... ;-)

avidbookreader said...

This REALLY sounds good but I'd like an ebook version. I looked on the site and it doesn't show it in ebook format *cry*---K.

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