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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Over on Tara Marie's blog discussion on LH's Raintree, a number of peeps, myself included, admitted that they love LH's over-the-top Alpha heroes. That got me thinking about other author's whose heroes I categorically love, regardless of any flaws in, or irritations with, character/story. I could only come up with two other authors: Jayne Anne Krentz and Karen Rose. Anne Stuart makes the list because I usually find her anti-heroes intriguing.

What about you guys, what authors consistently write heroes you love? I'm not talking that one-off favoured hero that you loved in that one book. I mean *authors* who have written a series of heroes/types you just love. Yup. I'm culling for recs. I tend to read for the hero.
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Jorrie Spencer said...

Laura Kinsale, though I suppose I don't read her just for her heroes. But I love them.

Anne said...

Sarah McCarty, Sarah Mayberry's Blaze books, Cindy Gerard, Susan Mallery's sheiks (God, I love her sheiks)... to name a few. :-)

raine said...

Don't think I read one author consistently enough to recommend...

But I'm here to take notes. ;-)

avidbookreader said...

Laura Kinsale and Judith Ivory and sometimes Kathleen Eagle and Connie Brockway. The problem I have with LH is that they are sometimes too alpha ---Keishon

Jaye said...

Jorrie - I've been glomming Laura Kinsale for a couple of years, but still haven't read any of her books yet. I get the feeling I'll read/love her books for the writing characterization in the way I really enjoy the way Judith Ivory's writing/crafting.

Anne - I've read one of Sarah McCarty's Promises books and I did enjoy the Hero. He's the type of Alpha I like. I'll have to look into the author's you've mentioned.

Raine - you know that might be why I can't come up with more authors. The three authors I mentioned are the only ones I've read enough of a backlist for that I got a definite feel for their hero types. There are other authors who I've just one one or two particular heroes of theirs, or I've enjoyed/loved their characterization in general but can't say they had a 'type' in the way Linda Howard's heroes are always extremely Alpha.

Keishon - yep. lol. LH's heroes can be a guilty pleasure. I've heard good things about Kathleen Eagle but haven't checked her out yet. Pretty sure several of Connie's books are in my TBR. Thanks for the recs. :-)

Tara Marie said...

First and foremoste--Linda Howard and Anne Stuart :D

Nora Roberts, Laura Kinsale, Liz Carlyle, Eloisa James.

Over the top alphas are really my guilty pleasure, along with real bad boys and rakes (Anne Stuart anti-heros)

Jaye said...

Tara Marie, I've never read Nora, although I have several of her books in my tbr pile. :-P I did like Rouke(sp?) in the 2 or 3 'In Death' books I've read. I've read all the other ladies you've mentioned (except Kinsale), and enjoyed their work, but I guess I haven't read enough of their work, because I'm not coming up with a hero 'type' for any of them. Not that that's a bad thing. ;)

Lynn Viehl said...

Robyn Donald's and Mary Balogh's heroes always grab me. Robyn's heroes are intelligent lone-wolf alpha types, Mary's are more emotionally scarred betas turned alpha, if that makes sense.

Liz Carlyle has some interesting heroes, too, although her heroines are so strong I think sometimes they overshadow.

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