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Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank God It's Freakin Friday!!

What a crap-O-licious week it's been! But today I go to a really swanky restaurant for lunch with a friend/coworker (not my toxic f*ckin co-worker, obviously). Toronto has this great event twice yearly (Winterlicious and Summerlicious) to encourage folks to get out a try different 'higher end' restaurants. (This is a great restaurant city, btw). Anywho, all the participating restaurants have prix fixe menues $20-$30 per person for 3 courses, lunch or dinner, not including liquor, tip, taxes, where normally it would cost anywhere from $75 to $250 per person. Sooo looking forward to this.

I may post a bit on that later. I know have the menu selection somewhere...

Tomorrow I visit the house again, going to take measurements and bring da boy along. He hasn't seen the place yet! Was too lazy to come out with me the first time and couldn't take time off school the second time when I went out for the building inspection. Then going to do some shopping with a friend (she's moving into her new place the same day I'm moving, so we both have decorating on our minds. My livingroom dining room is one big room, with a large picture window at one end and sliding patio doors at the other. Both windows need to be dressed, so that's what I'll be hunting for on Saturday.)

Then some more packing. And cleaning. And somewhere in there, writing.... Or maybe that should be transcribing. I've resorted to writing longhand in a notebook.

Sorry folks, you may have to put up with a whole lot of All-About-Me posts for the next little while. It's either that, or more absences.


***Update: Lunch was fabulous. The resturant has great ambience/interior design, service was friendly/prompt (but not intrusive), we have a great wine (I wrote down the name somewhere, I have to buy a bottle). I had lamb with rice pilaf, a cesare salad and an amazing chocolate esspresso cheesecake with Fragelico Hazelnut aglaise sauce. ::drool:: it was like eating a giant truffle. My friend had the same salad, swordfish, that pretty much melted in the mouth (we tried each other dishes) and a lovely appletart with cinnamon (yum!) ice cream. Then we waddled back to work.
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