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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I used to watch Grey's Anatomy religiously. There's a bunch of us at work who gather the next day, sometimes going out for lunch, to rehash the whole previous night's episode. Since the house move thing I haven't been watching at all. Actually, since the new season started I've missed quite a bit of episodes because Greys' airs at the same time as Supernatural does, and, well.... tough call. Plus Supernatural is one of two shows my son watches religiously, so unless I can find Grey's on time shifting I'm S.O.L.

But tonight, I'm supposed to watch for sure because it's airing at a special time (7pm) and someone is going to die for sure. I thought Addison would be the one cause it would mess up Alex, Derek and McSteamy. Two of my coworkers think Izzy will bite it, another thinks Burke. My friend has a bet with her boyfriend (he thinks George is going to be the one). If he loses, he has to stop smoking for a month.

Being the good samaritan that I am, when my son mention a spoiler site I couldn't help but check it out. Normally I don't like spoilers. The boy loves them. But I feel a bit emotionally distanced to GA this year, so I didn't mind knowing who dies early.

I sent my girlfriend the link, just in case she wanted to make sure she wins that bet..... lol.

Anyone insterested in spoilers for Grey's, Supernatural, Heroes, Prison Break, and a whole slew of other shows, check out SpoilerFix.com and go crazy.

Your welcome.
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Jordan Summers said...

I was just happy to see that Bones has been renewed. :)

Amie Stuart said...

I HATE spoilers!!! LOL

Jaye said...

I've never really gotten into Bones, Jordan. I lurrve Angel, but never warmed up to the Bones, herself. I have been meaning to give the show another shot.

Jaye said...

I do too, Amie!! And I live with the spoiler king, who practically BEGS me to listen to "just little spoiler" all the time!

So.... did you check out the site? ;-) *gg*

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