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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thought it was time to touch base, then Blogger strong-armed me into signing up for the new beta blogger.

So far.... seems like nothing got f'd up. (so far).

On to the catch up? I've been going crazy with all the niggle things to finalize the purchase and mortgage approval re the house. Most of those niggles had to be looked after during business hours. ie, when I'm at work myself. Which meant I kept falling behind in my work, then had to work through lunch or work late to catch up. (That's assuming I didn't come in early so I could leave early to deal with one of those niggles.)

Most of that initial big push is over. Just a few more things like arranging the mover and picking out paint colors and other stuff. *sigh*

But, in the quiet moments, when I forget about the frenzy, I giggle like a mad woman.

'k, next item up. The writing. I sent one partial out, to be honest I don't expect much to happen with that partial, I think the agent was more interesting in seeing if the chapter she read of the paranormal was a one off, or if there was some sort of consistency to my writing/voice. The contemporary romance partial I sent does show many of the strengths I *think* she liked in the paranormal romance.

As for the other request? I was supposed to send in the partial at the end of this month, and the full asap. With all the house-madness going on, the partial ain't gonna happen by the end of the month. I emailed her back explaining my current circumstances and that I wanted to send my best work, not my rushed work. She was cool with it. The plan is still to send it in as soon as possible. Have to admit I was pretty resigned to hearing 'thanks-but-no-thanks', so there's a lesson there. If you get a request and the agent/editor is interested, they'll wait (not forever) but don't be afraid to ask for and take the time to send your "best". Not your "rushed".

And that's all the news fit to print. :-)
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Shesawriter said...

Good luck with the revision, lady. And don't rush it. You want to deliver your best.

raine said...

Keep those giggles comin', lol.

And you're right. Send your best.

Jaye said...

Thanks, ladies.! I'm trying. ;-)

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