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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thirteen Keeper Books Read in 2007 byVanessa Jaye

These are not all the keepers, just the first 13 (in no particular order) off the top of my head. And they are not necessarily all the kick ass book I've read. Some books, as much as I enjoyed them, I don't think I'll want to re-read. Keepers, may not be perfect, but something about them, makes me want to revisit and re-experience the characters and their stories. Also, a number of these books I bought years ago when they were first released, but just got around to reading them this year.:

1. Run No More by Catherine Mulvany
2. Dedication by Janet Mullany (hmm..not 100% sure I actually read this this year, and not last year.)
3. The Spare by Carolyn Jewel (loved it! Don't know how I stopped myself from immediately re-reading it. Not a perfect read, the the characters & emotion really, really worked for me.)
4. Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward (kicked. ass.)
5. The Devil's Waltz by Anne Stuart. (Loved. It.)
6. Prince of Ice by Emma Holly (Really enjoyed this one. Strong story-telling, great world building.)
7. The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. (Woot! This one saved me from a serious reading slump.)
8. Blown by Francine Mathews. (Really good suspense/thriller. I'd like to read more of her stuff.)
9. Pride and Prejudice by Uno Who. (yup. I finally got around to reading the book. *g*)
10. All You Can Eat by Emma Holly (again, well done.)
11. Fevre Dream/a> by George Martin (great vampire tale.)
Dark Lover by JR Ward (yeah, I was a hold out, but when I finally got around to reading it, loved it.
13. Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel (this was a re-read. After i read The Spare, but managed to refrain from re-reading it. I plucked this one off the shelf to get another Carolyn Jewel fix. *g*)

Very easy to see most of what I kept are historical romances. There's something about them that are *comforting* to me. The fairy tale aspect, I guess. But I needed that retreat from the stess of real life this year in particular. :-/

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Anonymous said...

I've only read Ward and Martin, so I have to go pick up the others.

Jaye said...

Your mileage may vary, Milady. As I said, none of them are necessarily *perfect* reads (but you've read Martin and Ward, so I'm sure you *might* have your quibbles of those books)but I would gladly get drawn right back into any of these stories. These were the books that I put down reluctantly, and when I did, I was constantly thinking about them. And afterwards, if I didn't have to resist the urge to start again from page 1, they stayed in mind.

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