Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I haven't seen DREAMGIRLS yet. I want to, but it may have to wait till the DVD comes out. Anywho, there's been a debate going on about Jennifer Holiday vs Jennifer Hudson re the singing of "I'm Not Going." While Hudson does an admirable updated job, Halliday owns this one. Sez who? Sez the chills running all over my body, the tears that spring to my eyes and the almost queasy feeling I get in my gut when I hear her version. It's powerful, raw, emotion running through her voice and it hits the corresponsding primordial source deep within me (and others I'd guess). Same as Whitney's rendition of *I Will Always Love You* which blows Williie Nelson's and Dolly Parton's versions out of the water. Dems da breaks.

As for the actual lyrics to the song. I'm not down with that. Kick his ass to the curb is what I'm all about. Listen up ladies, if a man don't want you. He. Just. Don't. Want. You. No amount of lovin, or baby making, or suger-mamma'ing him is gonna change that fact and make him treat you right. Pick up your sense of self, pack up your dreams and goals, so he can't trample them underfoot no more, dust off that self-respect and get to steppin on to bigger and better things that are out there waiting just for you. This boxing day special message is yours for the bargain price of $0.02. *g*

On the other hand, if you're a writer, and you've saddled your heroine with this prize of a man. Make him pay. Make him grovel. Make him beg. (& make sure his change face is believable). Give him a world of pain before you write lovely little closing scene where she takes him back, eyes shining with tears and heart just about to burst.

No, I'm not hatin. I love the XY carriers. *g* Just hate to see ladies disempower themselves.
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raine said...

Worth a lot more than .02 cents.
THANK you.

Jaye said...

Many, many moons ago when I was a teen and in the throes of first love (with an ass) my Aunt Esther gave me a piece of advice that I took to heart: "No man is better than the wrong man."

I once had a friend who left a guy who anyone would have described as *a catch*--goodlooking, succesful, etc-- because he *didn't treat her like a princess*. She was in no way, shape, or form a diva, like that statement implies, just that he obviously didn't make her feel special. Didn't treat her in the manner she expected to be treated by someone who (claimed to) love her. I wish more of my friends were like her.

Recently I spent time with a girlfriend who seems to have a knack when it comes to picking the wrong man. (I have a couple of friends like this actually.) I finally met her most recent pick. I don't like the way, he talks to her. >:-/

On to lighter thoughts, I would have loved to see the Dreamgirls musical. If the success of the movie revives the play, I'd make sure I got to see it.

I found WICKED to be a bit of a disappointment. :-/ The first musical in years that I didn't leave the theater humming. And I haven't recommended or talked about it to anyone. Too bad. It was clever premise/idea. The music sucked, though, imho.

Sasha White said...

Men. I'm still waiting for one who will treat HALF as good as I think I should be treated. LOL

However, on the music thing. Song is powerful. No doubt about it.

Jaye said...

LOL, Sasha.

Naw, I want the whole cake, if I can treat him like a king or a prince, he can bloody well treat me like a princess-, er Empress, uhm... Supreme Goddess of His Universe and Ultimate Creator of All Happiness & Fulfillment due him. Yeah, that's it.

Has a certain ring, doncha think? ;-)

Maureen McGowan said...

Have you read the book, Wicked? It's great.

I never made it to the musical...

Jaye said...

The book was highly recommended to me, Maureen. I think I will read it, because I suspect that most of the originality and 'cleverness' re characterization and plot twists that I enjoyed in the musical can be directly abscribed to the book.

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