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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Well, not really sigh. I've gotten No new writing done. None. For a variety of reasons, but the main is work. I was able to take my lunch break for the first half of the month, and I'd pound away at the Quickpad for 45mins, with pretty good results-- averaging 2 - 4 per days, which works out to a chapter a week. We're talking 15-20 pages in 4 hours. Sweet.

Now when I was writing on my lunch, by making sure I took my, I ended up working later at the office, prettymuch every night. Whereas before I'd haul ass outta there as on time as I could. The trade-off was the writing. Last week, no such luck. People were absent (off sick) so no lunch breaks, and I still ended up working late. Plus new noisy neighbours when I got home, and various thing= tired-ass, cranky, under-the-weather, not writing dick-all me.

But I need to write.

So gonna try another tact. Early morning writing. But not at home (too distracting). Gonna hit my usual haunt to write for 30-45 mins before work. If I get to take my lunch break that's bonus time or I can run errands without guilt, Then spend the evenings/weekends revising or doing edits.

So, chapter 3 is complete. I sent into the crit group. When I got the digest in my email the next day, I re-read the chapter, this time without 'looking' for weaknesses, etc., maybe it was partly because the formatting made it look different, but I really liked it. I think it's some of my strongest writing. Which is just as well, seeing as nobody has touched my submission with a 10 ft pole critted it, yet. *gg* Honestly not sure if it's a matter of folks not seeing much to crit, or a bit of a snub. I tend not to coddle when I give crits, so I'm sure there are many (many) who wished I'd just. Go. Away. lol.

I just rambled off topic a bit there, didn't I? But the gist was.... I'm really happy with the ms so far. I might just wait till the whole thing is done then whine, weedle, and beg amoungst my writing buddies to see who's up and available for critting. (The time to block my email, is now ladies!)

Chapter 4 -- which is done, just need to be revised/edited. I was working on that last night, then realized I missed an opportunity to have something 'happen'. I felt the ms was starting to have a Perils of Pauline vibe and decided against the hellhound thing. But then I realized I had sort of *shown the gun* with all the build up to The Lost, then had the whole party ride through the forest with only one small false alarm, which really wasn't a false alarm but the set up for something else explored in another scene. Anywhoo, I'll have to go back and insert/release the hounds after all. There has to be a bit more of a scare in that section.

That will all have to wait till this evening. I have an appointment to make this afternoon, and I want to hit a couple of stores beforehand to see if I can find something to wear to the annual company Christmas party this coming weekend. *sigh* If I can't find something to wear, I'm opting out, but tomorrow is the deadline to say yea or nay, and I feel I should show my face this year because I've weasled my way out of it for the past couple of years. Every now and again you have to play office politics footsies.

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Jordan Summers said...

It sounds like the book is coming together. I think it's important to have a plan. I hope it works out well for you, so that you can do what needs to be done the rest of the day. :)

raine said...

Good luck with the new writing plan!
(I'm just too totally brain-dead in the a.m. to consider it...)
And hope you're not really on the sh!t/crit list, lol.

Jaye said...

Jordan, I started out the year with a number of goals. One of them was to finish my wip. ::choke:: Obviously not going to happened, but, you're right. A plan (and adherence to it) is required.

Jaye said...

Raine, I use to say I was brain dead in the morning, but I think it will be much more easier to make the effort in the morning, than in the evening/night after a long stressful day. By the time I've destressed/rested enough, it's time to go to bed. I have to make this work.

Er, as for the crit list shit list. heh. Naw. Well, at least not for everyone.... ;-) So folks do thank me, and I actually did get a crit today. But even if I didn't I'm still satisfied/very please with the story so far.

Amie Stuart said...

Good luck doll! It's bad enough getting up at 6:30 to get the kid to practice *sigh*

Jaye said...

So far.... so bad. heh. Next I decide to get up extra early, reminde me to consult a calendar. No can do during monthend at work, when things are out of your mind stressful/crazy busy.

I did manage some writing on Monday, I think, on the bus ride into work. And I've been thinking about the plot. But nothing more. No wriing will be done tomorrow either. I want to get a bunch of crap done to push our departments productivity over the expected goals. (It's bonus giving season, and I intend to collect. large. heh.)

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