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Sunday, November 12, 2006

During some clean up today, I came across several bags of books that I hadn't unpacked yet. I know there are other new purchases that I have unpacked and tucked away. But you guys have seen my shelves, right? Not about to go digging around.

Bought over the last few weeks:

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Larissa said...

I am ashamed to admit it, but I've never read an Anne Stuart book...I guess I should, huh?

raine said...

I see two from my own tbr pile here...
You've got some good stuff, Jaq!

Amie Stuart said...

Larissa you and me both!

Jaye said...

Larissa/Amie - Anne isn't for everyone. I can't even say I love everything she's written. While I've read a number of her books, I think I've only kept 2: Crazy Like A Fox (a old harlequin) and the Historical/regency she had out last year. I really like her dark heroes, cause they *really* are dark, no faking, no pulling punches, and she takes other chances with them. There was one medievael she wrote where the hero was 'thinning' on top. lol. She only had the heroine notice it once (thank goodness!) But there are times you wish she did pull back a bit, sometime you can't help but think this guy is totally f'd up, and not even love can redeem him. :-P

Raine, which ones do you have? I'm most excited about Dark Angel! I finally broke down and bought the hardback (and I never buy hardback!)

Jordan Summers said...

I have Cold as Ice, but like everyone else (but you), I haven't ever read Anne Stuart.

raine said...

Jaq, I have the Anne Stuart and the Sharon Shinn (and no, I've never read Stuart either, lol--but when I heard this hero had a job that sometimes included being 'gay for pay', I hadda pick it up, y'know?). ;-)

Now all I need is more time for reading. :-/

Jaye said...

Raine, don't get your hopes up for the Gay-4-$$, apparently it's something that's referenced to have happened in the past. Nothing 'on stage' as it were. heh.

I'll put aside Mystic and Rider for after I finish my current wip.

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