Happy Turkeyday, Canada!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I've been a wreck all week-end, running around from morning till evening. Had a wedding to go to (the bride is a very good friend of mine. And, yes, she looked absolutely stunning on her day), an early Thanksgiving dinner to attend (yesterday), my own grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving meal (today) and a bunch of last minute stuff for the wedding (which was on Saturday). Plus a class yesterday and even more last minute running around. Plus a critique for a friend who received a request for a proposal (yay!!). I've been nursing a low level migraine for days, and tossing and turning at night. I won't even get started on the writing which is going in fits and starts.

But today I eat Turkey ::cue magestic godlike echo::, spicy bbq pork chops, apple pie, rice n peas, baked mac n cheese, roasted potatoes, baked brocolli tossed with olive oil and minced garlic, ice cream, chocolate cake and salad. And that's just for breakfast! (I kid, I kid. lol)

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians. It's a beautiful sunny day outside. On a general level, we are a country at peace (much to be thankful for in todays political climate). On a more personal note, I have my health, friends and family. I am loved. And with worries that are only triffling in the final tally. I am truly thankful, this day.

And tomorrow I'll be fat. ha!

Want to know more about origins of Canada's Thankgiving? Click here.
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raine said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jaq--and to all the Canucks!!

(lovely picture, btw...and {{{hugs}}} on the migraine, hope you feel better, hon!)

Jordan Summers said...

Sounds yum. Happy Thanksgiving. :D

Amie Stuart said...

Happy Turkey Day babes! Send me a care package LOL

Jaye said...

Thanks guys. I'm stuffed. *g* I'll be wearing elastic waist skirts and pants for the rest of the week. *g* And yes, Raine, my migraine final went away. Too bad it's just in time to go back to work. :-/

Cece, I actually did a turkey breast so there'd be less (no) left overs... and it worked. lol. A las, that means no care package either. ;-)

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