The Surreality of being an Avid Reader.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It starts out with a review, a blog post, a list of upcoming releases.

In this case, Alison Kent runs a contest for her next book, then someone blogs about ordering Shanna Abe's Dream Thief, and Tess Gerritsen's Mephisto Club is out.

It progresses to haunting the bookstore aisles.

It further developes when the books in question aren't found, but another new release catches the eye.

Except. You don't have your wallet on you.

It escalates when you return armed with your ATM card, and yet another book catches the attention. A book, that is, at times, reviled: Sarah's Child.

One. Single. Copy. on the shelf. Re-issued. In Trade size. Large margins, double-spaced. Over-priced.

The whole shebang.

But you love this author.

And you've never read Sarah's Child....

You fold. Your ATM card doesn't. You slink out of the store with your ill-gotten goods.

Later, on the commute home, you pull out your old-school romance. To read. While listening to: Snoop Dog's I Miss That B!tch on your head-phones.
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Amie Stuart said...

AKA Why I avoid bookstores. IN a way though it's like dieting. You deprive yourself of that forbidden treat for so long that when you can have it, you glut yourself *sigh*

raine said...

Lol at the old skool romance accompanied by Snoop... :-D

Jaye said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jaye said...

I was actually pretty good, Cece. Those books *caught my eye* Normally I *deliberately start browsing* which gets me into far, far, far, more trouble. :-P

LOL, Raine. That was the punchline. Very surreal moment when I realized what I was listen too vs reading. lol.

Tara Marie said...

So, have you read Sarah's Child yet?

Jaye said...

lol. Tara, you little devil.

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