Monday, September 04, 2006


The book.

I was pulling teeth, er, working on the book last night, and at some point I thought, 'where's the romance'?

This is *essentially* a romance, I'm writing, right?

But if I flipped back over the last 40 pages, there's not much happening on that score. There's attraction, some sexual tension, but--and here's the rub-- the main male protagonist so far, is not the hero. At least I don't think he is.

But he could be.

I'm keeping an open mind, and don't want to force it, despite what my very sketchy synopsis says.

And I haven't even gotten out of the heroine's pov, with no plans to until we meet hero #2 (did I mention he hasn't shown up yet? Next 10 pages perhaps? I hope. *gulp* )

On the other hand I've had a sword fight with some nasty creatures, a death scene and some projectile vomiting. erm, yeah, I'm writing romance.

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Debora said...

Well it looks like you've got your hands full - hope it all works out and the romance comes through!

Jaye said...

Hi, Debora,

*sigh* my hands certainly are full. But I think my writing has always been headed towards *more*, so I might as well go with the flow, it's the only way I'll learn what I'm capable of. As for the romance, I don't doubt it will come through, it's because the 'true' hero hasn't showed up yet. I expect them to set the pages on fire with the sexual tension once I do get them in a scene together. He's a pretty damage individual, and she's been running from herself, so there's a lot of material to explore.

But you don't need me chewing off your ear. *g*

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

raine said...

Not to worry...I'm sure your characters will let you know what's up when they're good and damn ready. *snort!*

Jaye said...

*sob* I really wanted hero #2 to show up by the end of chapter 3 *the latest*, but I don't want to rush the natural progression of the story. :-( Especially what's going on with hero #1 and the heroine.

I've got 10 pages to make it happen. :-( 10 pages to get off the ship, travel for 3 days (okay, I can sum that up in one sentence) but there is one key thing that has to happen on the trip, then the family reunion thing. Then the final meeting up wit hero #2. All in 10 pages. *sob*

Sasha White said...

You know how much I love to chop up pages to make things fit in short short stories. So if you need help trimming to ten pages, let me know :)

That said, have you considered Nocturn? I'm not sure how much romance they want, but for some reason it popped into my head when thinking about this story.

Jaye said...

I think this would be more LUNA, if anything, because it's not modern/urban. But, as it stands now, it wouldn't suite LUNA because that imprint more about the heroine's journey, than it is romance.

Oh, I wield a pretty frierce red pen myself. Have no qualms in killing my 'little darlins', . *g* My big concern is that i go over 10 pages. I really, really, really want the hero to appear at the end of chapter 3.

Michelle said...

Hang in there, Jaq! You'll manage to pull through.

Jaye said...

"You'll manage to pull through."

Would that be before or after I lose my mind, Michelle? *g*

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