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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's 7:15 am in the morning.

I just checked the weather report.

It will be 47 degrees Celcius (with the humidity). That's approximately 117 degrees Fahrenheit (or so says the reporter).
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Kat said...

Ew...that's just...wrong.

We were hitting 113 last week but the last 3 days have been drissly and cloudy. It's been really NICE.

Dee said...

116.6 to be exact.

Or, you know, what I call it..."Holy Shit!"

Yup, I'm down here with Kat. Hide in a/c, babe.

Many hugs!

Jordan Summers said...

That blows...says the person who lives in the desert. :(

JENNA said...

Oh ^&*%^&!!! OK. You can use this. You can. Watch the news. Something sexy or at least heroic must be happening that you can make sexy & romance worthy....

Jaye said...

Luckily for me most of the public transit is a/c and so is my office. We have an a/c window unit in the livingroom, which I've been camping out in since I got home. I even slept on the sofa last night, and plan to do so tonight too. :-P

Jenna, I am the crabbiest person alive when I'm hot. I do not like to be touched. Especially in *that* way, so I can't even think of a sexy scenario, cause all I'd be thinking about was how pissed I'd be in the same situation. lol.

And they call this The Great White North. Ha!

Amie Stuart said...

My son found out about free health care and he's all Lets move to I have a great reason not to--it's hotter there than in Texas. How SAD is that?

Jaye said...

Very sad.

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