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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I just got back from an appointment and in another hour I have to leave for another appointment. The boy is still sleeping. How much can I get done in 1 hour. I'm still trying to unravel all the stuff downloaded from the quickpad, but rather than spend the next hour editing, I'm going to write forward.

Be back in an hour.....
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Jaye said...

So.... it's the next day. I didn't write during that hour i had. My mom called from England, then the boy woke up, then I realized I'd been up and out to make my first appointment with only a cup of tea in my gullet and I needed to eat before I made the next appointment. So cooking/eating brunch killed any posibility of writing that morning. I take my Quick pad with me and managed to write 3 pages in between doing a bunch of stuff. I went to bed early, think I'm coming down with something. After going in and out of A/C indoors and swealtering heat outdoors for the last couple of weeks/months, I'm surprise I lasted this long with out catching a cold. :-P Throat feels sore/phlegmy, and my head cotton wooly, but gonna see what I can accomplish today. I really didn't want to write anymore on the Quickpad for now. I need to untangle all that stuff. *sigh*

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