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Sunday, August 06, 2006

As usual Jon is right on point. I'm not excusing Mel's actions or words, but, uhm, there's soo much more important stuff going on in the world at the mo, did we really need a full week of non-stop coverage in all media? Really?

Daily Show Blasts Network News for Mel Gibson Coverage

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raine said...

Ah, well, my sucky computer won't play this, of course--but I was also surprised by the amount of coverage.
It always amazes me, though, to see how self-destructive we are as a species--and, apparently, how we enjoy seeing it in others (at least, the media seems to think so).

Jaye said...

It's funny shit, Raine. Hopefully you'll be able to see it later. :-P

History shows us we've always been self-destructive, only some folks see it as, for example, 'conquering'(?) the other guys. But ultimately, the other guys have always been 'us'. :-P

The celebrity obsession,--the extreme lengths of it-- I don't get.

Larissa said...

Gah. I totally don't get the celebrity obsession. I don't understand why we need 24/7 coverage of an actress's pregnancy or why we care what she named the kid.

Though, just to be contradictory, I can't ever get enough of Britain's royal family...

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