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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Their annual writing contest is here again. They'll be posting new entries every week, so check them out. Go read and vote here.

**Edited/Added from the RJ newsletter:

We finally got the writing contest up! You want people to vote for you? Come vote for other writers! Yes, you can vote even if you have an entry in the contest. But a few things to remember:

We would love you to help spread the word about the contest, but we ask if you put shout outs about the contest please don't specify which entry is yours or the name you are writing under. What we have found in the past is when people go around their loops and tell everyone to come vote for them, that's what happens - one person (the most popular person) gets a ton of votes and no one else does. We would love for you to let people know about the contest and bring more readers to the contest to vote, but do you really want the winners to be based on who is more popular?

So if you could keep your writing name and entry title anonymous it would help to create a fair playing field. If you have posted the entry title or name you are writing under please send us another name and/or title for us to use on your entry.
Will we find out if you cheat? Yes. People send us emails all the time telling us about someone not following the rules. Its a small community so please adhere to the rules. Last year we had to disqualify over 30 entries.

On our part we are doing all we can to try and bring in readers to vote and give you feedback. But we need your help to spread the word.And we also need YOUR votes. Yes, you can go and vote each week on entries. If you haven't had a chance to vote on this weeks entries go check them out! And yes, you can vote on your own entry when its up ;-)Don't forget to support the contest you entered by voting every week on entries.

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