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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Alison Kent has an excellent post up, with links galore at the end of her post, so I won't bother replicating her efforts. Just go over there.

Jorrie Spencer also pointed to some interesting posts about promo'ing and I was in the middle of posting a long-ass comment on her blog, when I remembered A) that I didn't have a blog post up here, and B) how inherently lazy I am. (Funny how that all works out in the end. heh). Here is my long-ass reply that I decided to post here instead, which means I'm off the hook for posting today. ;-)

Jorrie, I agree, a minium of promo (reviews, posting excerpts, an active blog/website) is required just to get a leg up.

And let's not forget the non-promoting writers who haven't had a book out in years, yet folks are still salivating for their next release. Word of mouth gets the hype out for any upcoming releases months in advance, and once the book is read, word of mouth again comes in to play with people posting reviews/opinions all over the various messageboards/blogs.

People (like me, gg) are just waiting for the next Judith Ivory release (last book published in 2002) or Robin Schone (last book published also in 2002). We've been waiting for 4 years. And once those books are released, the word-of-mouth machine will start rolling.

It really is quality vs quantity. (And when I say 'quality' I mean engaging (character/storytelling) not necessarily 'the best').

Really, the best thing you can do is write a killer/kick-ass book (execution/concept/emotional impact). Next, get the word out in a non-obnoxious way. lol. Hopefully WOM will pick it up from there.
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raine said...

Really, the best thing you can do is write a killer/kick-ass book (execution/concept/emotional impact). Next, get the word out in a non-obnoxious way. lol.

Sounds SO easy...sigh...

Sela Carsen said...

So, who's going to write my next killer/kick-ass book for me? Anyone?

Damn. Back to the Alphasmart.

Happy birthday Jaye!!!

raine said...

Ahhh, ha-ha...see? I wasn't the one to bring it up, lol!

Also wishing you a perfect-kinda Puritan b-day, Ms. Jaye. ;-D

Jaye said...

LOL. You guys know what I mean! ::stamps foot::

Let me rephrase, write the best darn book you can. Word of mouth will accomplished quite a bit. People believe/understand passion. Not 'hype' but true enthusiasm for a great book/writer. And it's infectious. Far more, I think, than all the promo-ing in the world, which a lot of people treat like white noise.

Jaye said...

Thank you for the B-day wishes, ladies!! I'm trying to recover from some exhuberant wine drinking last night, coupled with a very late night (3 am) the night before. I've got one more celebratory evening out, and that's it for another year.

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