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Thursday, June 29, 2006

My friend sent me (and some other peeps) the following pictures today. I couldn't believe my eyes, and thought for sure they were photoshopped. But being the unrepentant disseminator that I am, I immediately forwarded the photos to my sisters and a few other pals. heh. One friend replied that the photos might just be the real thing as she'd seen, on one of those 'Inside Edition' type shows, some chick from Florida who went for the surgery and was now suing her doctors for using breast implants.

Now, when I first heard about this type of 'enhancement' (and I used the term loosely) it never did make any sense to me. There's a lot of wear and tear in that area; that's probably why glutes are the biggest muscle in the body. What happens when you hit that patch of black ice on the sidewalk? Or had one too many drinks whilst wearing your 5" detachable dildo CFMs? Or had to sit through a triple bill of Titanic. LOR & one of the STAR WAR prequels, in a review theatre with tiny, hard, seats? Why would you want to insert soft silicon cushioning there? Whywhywhy? Celulite ain't got nuttin on lumpy, leaking, silicon.

There's the Stairmaster, you can do squats or take up jogging. Heck, don't they have girdles for this condition?
So many other less expensive, less painful and, most importantly, less 'possibly disastrous' options... ::lost in thought::

I'll admit to being just evil enough to laugh my ass off.... ::snort:: every time I look at these pics.

When I shared the previous opinions with my friend, she said: "I honestly felt bad for her(girl interviewed on show). She was one of those hot girls who fake tans et all. She was quite teary eyed."

I admitted to being teary too. ::biting lip::


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Amie Stuart said...

I'm sorry. Forgive me but I have to say it.

That's the most ASSININE thing I"ve ever seen!

Jaye said...

LOL! You're as bad as me. ;-)

raine said...

How did I miss this one??


It looks like her butt cheeks are holding their breath, and about to explode any minute...

Jaye said...

"It looks like her butt cheeks are holding their breath, and about to explode any minute..."


We are all gonna burn. :-P Butt really (gg) She looks like a very attractive girl. She's lean and shapely with just enough muscle to show she's fit. Why,why, why, the hell would she do that? Furthermore After she did it, why would she keep it?

Sasha White said...

OMG!! ANd why in the hell would she wear a thong? Obviously she thinks they are the best. And in that last photo the young guy on the lawnchair can't take his eyes off them/it either.

Geez, if someone wants real assfat I'd be happy to have some of miune removed for them. LOL

Jaye said...

I'd almost say she could have some of mine, but I like my badonkadunk. Keeps me from tipping over in the other direction. ;-)

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