Thursday, May 04, 2006

I love the big no-brainer action films of summer. And this summer is shaping up just fine. Check out the trailers:

1. M:I 3

2. Superman Returns

3. Casino Royale (Okay, okay, I know this doesn't get released till November, but couldn't resist linking to the trailer).

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Amie Stuart said...

You forgot Xmen 3!!!!!!!!!!

Jaye said...

Ack, you're right! I'll have to add that link a bit later today! (no time right now.)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't sleep.... catching up on the blogs. Cheers!

Jordan Summers said...

You also forgot Pirates of the Caribbean, which hits theaters in July. YAH!!! No, I'm not excited.

Jaye said...

Hey Dude, I dropped by your blog but saw you weren't around. Hope things have slowed down a bit for you.

Jordan, that's another movie I want to see! :-P I'm just feeling to lazy right now to go hunt down the links. Probably later.

Karen Scott said...

I'm really looking forward to Xmen 3!

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