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Monday, April 10, 2006

I was thinking a bit on the promo discussions going round the blogosphere--what works, what doesn't. With me, the 'bling' doesn't work. I tune out those banners and bookcover ads like so much (visual) white noise. This includes ads in magazines like Romantic Times or RWR. Unless there's text- ie review, synopsis/blurb and or excerpt, I prettymuch skim it.

I find chats chaotic so rarely show my face in those, unless it's to lend moral support to a friend/writing buddy.

So what does work? Show me the goods. Synopsis/blurb and excerpts (free book?). Those get my attention (and my money). Reviews by trusted sources will do the trick, also. By trusted, I mean folks who give their honest, unvarnished opinion. Even on books written by friends/colleagues. Check out the reviewers listed in my sidebar. They're there for a reason.

One litmus test for the 'trust' factor in a review is the 'But this (particular element) sucks' statement. Nothing is perfect. Nothing. If I read a review and it's 100% positive, little red flags start dancing in my brain. I'm not saying you can't rave. I've done enough of that myself. But something is bound to be *less than*. There's got to be a quibble, something that didn't work for you, even put you off.

Something. Will. Sux.

Btw, I don't mean 'sucks' as in abject failure, and/or really horrible. Just not up to par with the rest of the book.
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