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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well, Hello, Suckers
The newest romantic hero is dark, brooding and tortured. And liked by all types: A, B and O+...

Read the rest of the article here.

I prefer werewolves myself, but the tidbit I found particularly interesting is that editors are claiming the market isn't even close to being saturated. I kinda had the feeling that it was cresting, and the only vamp/roms that were making the cut were ones with a fresh new twist.

(Okay, I also found the fact that Christine Feehan sells half a million copies of each release pretty mind boggling also.)
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Kat said...

I finally saw a Christine Freehan book @ Walmart. Never seen one before. Nice to match a book with the name! (I didn't buy it, but it was still nice!)

raine said...

Interesting article, Jaye. Thanks!
(even if the Feehan details are a little...well, depressing...) :-/

Avid Reader said...

Feehan - I don't get. To be fair, I haven't given her "the chance" ----yet I find it boggling that she sells half a million copies, too.



Jordan Summers said...

I understand why Christine Feehan sells that many books. Goodness knows she gets my money every time she writes a vamp book. (wg) Contrary to the article, I'm hearing it's VERY hard to sell a vamp book. The market is TIGHT. I'm with you on the werewolves. They are my favs. *g*

Jaye said...

Kat, I've read one book by Feehan, it was enjoyable, but didn't inspire me to run out a buy more.

Raine & Keishon- yeah, her popularity is pretty, er, amazing.

Jordan- you're in good company. As her sales figures attest to. Yeah, I thought as much re the vamp/rom sales. Even my beloved shapeshifters are getting the short shift, I believe. A lot of pubs interested in paranormals are looking for stuff outside of the box.

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