Another Heartwarming moment...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

at the Jaye household:

Vanessa Jaye comes home, late, after a long day at the office and the completion of several errands afterwards. Dear son meets Vanessa at the front door and relieves her of the groceries. He takes them into the kitchen to unpack, and Jaye assures junior she'll start a supper in a minute-- she's just going to relax a bit, change clothes and check her email.


Several hours Awhile later, as Jaye sits in front of computer surfing through various sites, junior enters the room.

"Hey, mom."

"Yes, my love?" she says with syrupy sweetness, attention still on the screen.

"Mom, my love," (just a soup├žon of sarcasm here, so subtle as to be almost undetectable), "You know what's better than starving...?"

::blink blink::

Jaye hunches shoulders and looks at junior, he of the arid wit**. He can barely hide his smirk. She bursts out laughing, then sheepishly gets up and makes her way to the kitchen, where she makes a kick ass stir-fry, well worth the wait.
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Sasha White said...

I though he was going to say "you knwo what's better than starving....learning to cook."

And hand you some dinner!

Yes, ok, So I live in a dreamworld. LOL

Jaye said...

LMAO! Yes, you do. And I wish!

I think you have my son confused with Steph's, or Sela's husband. On the other hand, he did take the groceries and unpack/put them away, without being asked. And he set the table.

Amie Stuart said...

First the dishes, now the groceries! What's next a clean room? *ggg*

Jordan Summers said...

LOL! That's good.

raine said...

I like that kid. *gg*

Michelle said...

Man, and here I thought he'd hand you dinner. You need to train that boy! :) But good for him, unpacking the groceries.

Sela Carsen said...

What did he do wrong? You know he's trying to earn some brownie points here...

And I think dh is starting to take me for granted. He hasn't cooked in months! I'd better warn him that his "darn near perfect" status is in jeopardy.

Jaye said...

Believe it or not, Cece, he's been keeping his room *relatively* clean (compared to the toxic waste dump it usually is). I think after all these years my nagging has finally started to bare fruit. ::sending a prayer of thanks to the patron saint of sanity::

Michelle, let's just say, suffering through mother's day breakfast of burn bacon and Eggo waffles drowned in syrup is just about as much of his cooking as I can stand. *g*

Raine, me too! *gg*

Jordan, he's got a wicked, wicked sense of humor. Very dry. Just comes out with zingers like that all the time.

Sela, it was the stir fry. I make a mean one and hadn't cooked it for over a year (the prepping/chopping was just more than I was interested in doing) so he was reeeally looking forward to one of his favourite 'mom' meals.

As for your Dh, I think it would take far more than not cooking a couple of months to knock him off his 'near-perfect' pedastal.

Anonymous said...

Are you still coooking?

Olga said...

Lol, I also thought he was going to cook you dinner!

Kat said...

I think setting the table was a hint. Kinda like when you cough a word into your hand LOL

markus said...

smart kid!

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