Snowball Game

Friday, December 30, 2005

Snowball Game

Today's timewaster has been brought to you by the letters V and J.
~The Procrastination Station.
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raine said...

This is cute!
(hint: aim for the big guy in green--easy target..) :-D

Kat said...

I got a certificate on the first go. This goes into my 'procrastination fun' file!

Annalee Blysse said...

Santa kept popping up after I lobbed a snowball! And I was the one who was naughty? LOL.

Canadian Dude said...

Happy New Year! (saw King King tonight)

Jaye said...

It's a fun little timewaster, but I kept beaning Santa. lol.

Hey Jude, er Dude. lol. How was Kong? We still haven't seen it. :-P
It looks like Wednesday will be the day we go.

Happy New Year!!!

Canadian Dude said...

Hey Jade...LOL

One word...colossal.... two words... must see..... three words my ass is sore.... four words... more fantasy than realism... 4 1/2 stars. Hi ho hi ho.. now it's back to work I go... yuck.


My wish for the New Year... that all the word verification thingys are in a large readable font.

Canadian Dude said...

I just noticed.. the King (Kong) King thing... jeez...I had not even been drinking.

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)

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