Scottish Instinct

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Luv'd this commercial for William Lawson scotch! A really cute send up of the signature scene from Basic Instinct.

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Sharon Stone is beautiful, as always, and the guy in the kilt?

Heads up on vid swiped from Genita Low, who has a great companion post re writing visual details.

**Seriously, any amongst ye ken who de fine laddie in the kilt be? Och!

::running away before Maili has an apoplectic fit.:: Blame Connie Mason, Maili, everything I know about scottish brogue, I learnt as a wee lass at her kneeeeee!


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Sasha White said...

Love the Comercial!!
How do you find these things??

Jaye said...

How do you find these things??
::buffs nails on chest:: That's my little secret, my little procrastination padawan. ;-)

Sasha White said...

Sorry Master. I'll not question you again. ;)

Jaye said...


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