Anne Fraiser

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Is a favourite author of mine. While I don't actually think of her as an autobuy, ,since I don't think of any author as an autobuy, (yeah, I sux in that way) I do have all her books.

**click onto image to go to AMAZON page.

And I'm looking forward to her upcoming release PALE IMMORTAL. She's posted a blurb of it on her blog, go take a peek. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? She's also got a promotional vid coming out for the book, which I'm keeping an eye out for.

And for more fun, her latest post is a 15 Book things Meme: (a list of facts, preferences and quirks). I'm going to do it later, when I'm not feeling so lazy.
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Jordan Summers said...

Vanessa, Are they paranormals? They seem like it, but that could be purposely deceptive. (And not in a bad way.:)

Jaye said...

Sleep Tight has no paranormal elements, but Play Dead does -- in terms of voodoo being a intregral part of the story/plot. I haven't actually read the other two books, I find when I really like an author I like to 'save' his/her books so I have a *sure bet* (I hope) good story to read at those times when nothing else is works. :-P Sort of like a comfort read, that hasn't been read yet.

The upcoming release does look like the paranormal(?) plays a part in it, tho. We'll just have to find out come September 2006. ;-)

Jordan Summers said...

Thanks Jaye! I do the same thing with books, which is why I have so many Angela Knight and Emma Holly books lying around on my shelves to savor. *ggg*

Jaye said...

Jordan, that's the perfect word: savor. Like a secret stash that you dole out infrequently so it'll last. lol.

Steph T. said...

Ah - I don't think I have, Before I Wake. Yet another reason to go visit Amazon immediately *g*

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