The Smoke Thief

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Read this book, if you get a chance.

I'll just copy n paste my comments from elsewhere:

"..a solid 'A' read. I've reverently placed this novel on my keeper shelf, whilst wearing a big grin. It was fabulous; more than a romance, yet *Oh So Romantic*. What a keeper! Great worldbuilding, wonderful complex characters, interesting mystery, the love scenes were just right--in terms of heat and emotion--and perfect in their frequency; also, quite lovely phrasing/wordsmithing by the author. Magical."

(geez, I just realized how much I sound like that Harriet Klausen chic. And yet I managed to use only one exclamation. 'Squee' much? heh. )

and in reply to someone's comment that the shape-shifting hero and heroine sounded cool:

"..the 'dragon-shifter' aspect was so well done in this book. You really understood that this was a crucial part of the characters' make-up. They would not exist if they weren't drakon. The last book I read where the 'shifting' element felt so integral (or should I say intrinsic?) to the characters was with Kelly Armstrong's BITTEN and STOLEN werewolves. I find in a lot of paranormals the fantasical nature of the character usually makes an appearance either in times of danger or sexual arousal. Here, you really felt that the creature/animal was just under the skin and informed much of what they did and said. Just a really great read and wonderful romance."

You can also check out the reviews at Amazon.

And, yes, and the risk of being nauseatingly persistent in my recommendations (and, no, I do not have this man's love child), A Venom Beneath the Skin is well worth the reading. Finished it yesterday.

Wow. After literally struggling for months to find something that would hold my attention past the first couple of chapters, I hit 4 solid 'A' reads in a row--KUSHIEL'S DART, The Poison Study, and these last two books.

Now I really want to start Urban Shaman, Outsiders or one of the books listed a few posts below (I seem to be having really good luck with books that are 'other' genre with a romance subplot) but I should probably get moving on those library books....

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Sela Carsen said...

So will I find them under SF/F instead of in the Romance section? The Smoke Thief sounds right up my alley.

Jaye said...

LOL. Sela I swear ta gawd, for some reason I was just thinking that *you* would loved this story. THE POISON STUDY I found in the SF/FF section; THE SMOKE THIEF I found in the romance section, although it could have easily been placed in general fiction. It really, really, really was a fantastic read.

The H/h both had strength of character, and the author never short-changed either one of their personalities to meet 'conventions' (imo). I found myself thinking about them off and on all day. I enjoyed both books, but truly loved The Smoke Thief. definitely a book I will re-read. B

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