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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Work has been doing the ole K-Y routini on my butt again, hence my absence. But it ain't all caffeine overload, Pepto Bismol and Tylenol 3s at the office. There're some chuckles to be had.

Like the client file where the occupation is listed as 'accountant'. Fine, fine, profession! Good income and job stability. Wait, what's this? Under employer name? GOD. That's right. The big guy. That's one hell of a reference, you got there, buddy.

And speaking of names, here's an applicant named Amanda Love. Who's a "naturopathic personal masseuse".... working from home.


(had to check if her 'business' number starts with 1-800. I'm just saying..... )

My sister worked with a guy named Richard Head. Think about it. Also, I came across this guy recently: Coach Dickey Nutt. I was kinda hoping his wife was named, Patty, but no such luck.

Let's check out another applicant. He makes $X-followed by a lot of zeroes, per year working as an Anthomologist. Sounds impressive; but, what is an Anthomologist, you ask? Beats, me. Let's find out. Well what do you know.

Oh, silly me, it's right there on the application (head slap): this 'anthomologist' creates art with dead bugs and sells it internationally. ::looks at income amount again:: Man, I'm in the wrong line of work. (btw, I know what an entomologist is, obviously, this client didn’t.)


I'm linking to the video of this idiot (& serves him right) photocopying his butt, because it made me laugh.

That's it, I'm out of here.
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raine said...

Love it, lol!
(except for the bug artist--ewwww!)

Sasha said...

Ow! Ow!


Funny stuff. :)

Kat said...

LMBO @ Chubby.

Wonder if he got out of there himself...or if backup was needed.


Tori said...

Oh, hey, Dickey Nutt is on the local news here ALL the time. And yeah, it's a pretty funny name. *g*

Jaye said...

I think that video is hysterical. Then ds pointed out that there was glass involved. *ouch!*

but still funny.

Hey, Tori, thanks for dropping by. I hopped over to your blog, and so agree with you on the creepy BK commercials.

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