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Saturday, September 17, 2005

..a couple of posts down about the constant battle/temptation to submit every chance you get, and write to the market trends, etc., vs taking your time, finding out what's best for you (me) as writer--in the long and short term. Figuring out not only 'what' you write, but 'how'. Honing your craft, while following your voice and instincts. Yet, always wary of being a dipsh*t, mealymouth, never gonna be pub'd cause you don't have the balls for the follow through and you've stalled in the 'honing' zone.

It's. A. Constant. Battle.

I just stumbled across Stephanie Bosey's recent blog post on this subject. She hits the nail on the head with a bit more clarity than I did.

And while we're being 'schooled',here's the flipside: Sela has posted another one of her wonderful rants, again. This one on "How Not To Be A Writer." heh.

It's. A. Constant. Battle.
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Jordan Summers said...

Both posts make incredibly valid points. I was reminded of the butt in seat and write one the other day when I viewed my productivity. Not pretty. As for submitting, it can be as addictive as contests. There is something to be said for stepping back and refocusing before you let that manuscript fly. So much to think about. Thanks for the links!

Jaye said...

Oh, Jordan, let's not talk about productivity. Actually when I haven't been brain fried by work lately, I have been making progress, but I think I'll leave that for a blog post. :-P

As you said both Sela and Steph make great points--both sides of the coin, basically. And reading their posts made me feel better (or at least no so alone) with my own struggles.

Steph T. said...

Thanks for pointing those out, Jaq - there's definitely something to be said for 'dropping out' a bit and focusing just on your own stuff.

And I just sat down and looked at my productivity from Jan - Aug. Not bad, but man, can I waste a lot of time...

Jaye said...

Steph, you've been doing an awesome job with your writing productivity. Everyone has. I'm the one who's been dragging ass.

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