Saturday, August 06, 2005

Every time I visit this site I get a little choked up. It's like tiny glimpses into peoples souls, and sometimes what's there feels like a delicate sliver being slowly inserted into your heart. Other times the thoughts are naughty/amusing, but mostly I feel sad, because I sense the weight of burden & the disturbance behind the words/thoughts.
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raine said...

Oh, my.
Oh, my.
Your description's right on the money, Jaq.
Even with the amusing ones--it's like that tears-behind-the-clown sort of thing, isn't it?
And you get the feeling that this may be the only venue some of these people feel free to confess these things... :-(

PBW said...

I go to the site now and then, because it is a brilliant project, but I pay for it. So much pain on display always calls to the healer in me. I want to respond to every card and find a way to fix these people, or at least reassure them that everyone has secrets that they bottle up, and that they're not alone. I hope that seeing their cards online, and the comments people have left, does that in some way.

Jordan Summers said...

That site is rather sad, but hopefully it helps the people who 'confess'.

Trace said...

PBW, I used to be a social worker and had to quit because I'd go home and cry every night. Almost had a break down. I know what you mean about the healer in you.

Vanessa, that site is sad. Facinating but very sad.

Canadian Dude said...

It is definitely an interesting site. I find many to be disturbing while others are outright funny. Each post card is an art form. The site must get thousands of hits every day. I recently saw it featured on CNN. I'm quite surprised that the creator has left the site on blogspot and has not moved it to a dot com site and tried to capitalize on it more.

DIVA said...

This site reminds me of the things that I used to doodle on scraps of paper when I was suffering through my psychosis in college. It's a true and much needed form of catharsis. Thanks for sharing.


wrangler said...

It is an interesting site. Seems there's so much hurt out there in proportion to the good.

Anonymous said...

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Jaye said...

If you scrolled way down,you'll see that the moderator has posted 'text' messages, and it does look like 'airing' the secrets have help these people.

The images are simple 'art', but the words really get to you.

Joey said...

What a beautiful Site!

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