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Friday, August 26, 2005

I posted this joke somewhere else, but going to cut and paste it here, cause I'm too tired to come up with anything. It's been a suckalicious week at work, and I ain't got any juice left to do nuttin more than collapse (momentarily, and somewhere cushioned.)

Joke ( you can thank my kid for this one):

A girl goes over to her boyfriend's house for a family dinner for the first time. She's seated beside the boyfriend's dad, and the dog is on the floor between them.

At some point during the meal, chickee has the urge to let loose some air, and eases a silent one out. The dad looks down at the dog and says: "Skippy." in a gently chiding tone.

A little later chickee does it again, and again, dear old dad, shaking his head, looks down a man's best friend. "Skippy," he says with heavy reprobation.

Girlfriend has one last attack. It's a big one--maybe she should have passed on that last helping on beans--and she forces out a whopper of a stank bomb; but thank goodness, it's still stealthily silence.

And right on cue, dad looks down at poor Skippy and says: "You better move before she craps on your head."


One more thing before I collapse leave. A couple of nights ago I read a really great novella--Whisper's In The Dark--by a writing buddy of mine, Eve Asbury. It's an erotic historical romance (e-book), and very well done. With well rounded characters, nice details re setting, and HAWT!

Erotic Historical Romances are my guilty pleasures. I luv'em to bits--let's just say I'm already on my knees with mouth open before I even hit Chapter 1--I'm pretty easy when it comes to them, yet many don't satisfy. This one did, and made my Keepers List. I'm having a pretty good run with reading EHRs, I think this is the 6th keeper so far this year.
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Michelle said...

I've never tried erotic historicals. Sounds intriguing!

Jaye said...

Mich, I find erotic historical romances, truly erotic. Very sensual, in the way they involve all the senses. The writing is usually fairly lyrical and intense. There's poetry in the descriptions, and the emotions are usually engaged. All the mores of the time help to strengthen the sense of 'taboo' or 'forbidden' which makes the whole thing just that much more delicious. I also find that erotic historical romances also play on the battle of the sexes more than contemps. There's usually a very strong under current re the battle of wills. Plus, usually, the dialogue (witty banter, etc) is done very well. It's not really the 'graphic' details that interest me, it's the other stuff I just listed. I rarely find that list in contemps. Plus, of course, there's just a fantasy/fairy tale aspect to all historicals.

raine said...

Agree on the erotic historicals. I love the subtlety, the way they wrap around you.
Would love to try one someday, but I'm SO lazy about doing research, lol!

Get some rest, you. ;-)

Jaye said...

Raine, some people are very finicky about authentic details, others don't give a hoot and are just as happy with 'wallpaper' background. While I love authentic details, I can live without them if the characters and story is compelling enough. Wallpaper will do me fine in that case. You're a fabulous writer, so don't let a little research hold you back.

I did go an rest! Slept 10 hrs, too. Now I'm gonna see if I can't get some writing done today.

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