One of those days...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Actually, the fact that I'm not at work is cause enough for celebration.

But, what the hey, I have another year notched to my belt, and a free pass at cake all day long. Sweet.
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raine said...


Jaye said...

Thank you, shugs! And thanks for the card. IT was too cute.

Kat said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

So that makes you what...25?

Go out. Celebrate. Buy yourself a drink for me :smile:

Anonymous said...

Happy birthay!!!! Hope you had a great day.

I'll be having one next month myself. It's the "Heinz" year for me.

Jaye said...

Thnx for the card Kat! I loved it. You flatter me. I'm 29. Again. ;-)

lol, Dude on the Heinz year. I'll be sure to swing by and wish you a good one.

I spent pretty much all day out, from lunch to shopping, to dinner and a movie. I'm stuffed, a little tipsy, my feet hurt, and I got lots of looot (half of which I didn't pay for.) All in all, not a bad way to celebrate. I'm very thankful for being blessed with wonderful friends and family who made my day special. :-)

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