TGI-Freakin-F! & a BIAW challenge

Friday, June 24, 2005

I got some errands to run tomorrow. DS has his first job interview (summer/student) on Monday, so we have to set up an account for him and go scope out exactly where this place is, since it's in a part of the city neither one of us is familiar with (and he needs to have an idea of how long the trip will take him, so he arrives on time.)

Aside from that, I'm chillin. And writing--I made a pact with Cece to write 10 pages by Sunday night. Not all that much really (3 1/3 pages per evening). But knowing her she'll do 37 pages and then try and downplay it by saying it's all dialogue or a rough draft, or she already had bits of the scene already written, or demonic possession, or .....
Blah Blah Blah
Yeah. Whatever.

Anyone who wants to join this informal biaw (book-in-a-weekend) sign up in comments.
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Amie Stuart said...

LMFAO@demonic possession. I AM hoping to write up a new black lace story. All I have done is like 2 pages. If I can make a dent in it (I need 25 pgs) I'll be a happy camper.

Steph T. said...

Hmmm - interesting. A challenge. Okay - I'm a glutton for punishment so sign me up. I'd like to get 3 chapters of something done.

(oh look - it's nice and vague and doesn't even include a page count.)

Jaye said...

Only 25 pages, huh? like you don't plan to come back here on Sunday and say the rough draft of your story is all done.

And, Steph, your goal is 3 chapters by tomorrow? That's at least 30-45 pages.

You two are yanking my chain, right?

Right? ::whimper::

Jaye said...

'K, Sash joined in comments of the post below, but that's 4 us!

Steph T. said...


you said we had until Sunday...and why are you putting a page count on my vague goal...

*sigh* I'm totally sending Jake to visit you this weekend. Although he heard Cece's dragged out the mattress, so he's very interested in that as well ;)

Jaye said...

Just how far ahead (time zone) am I to you? It's 11am Saturday here. Or are you on some weirdo archaic calender where Sunday doesn't follow Saturday. Or are you on drugs? ;-)

Oh, I don't think you'll be seeing Jake for awhile. Mattress, hot chic, and toys, er movies (clean ones, so she says...)

Anonymous said...

I said I RENTED clean movies....*VBESEG*

Amie Stuart said...

Why did that post me as annonymous. Yo'd think I was trying to hide from Jake or something....=)

Amie Stuart said...

Pages cut 15
Pages written 1


Steph T. said...

Holy f***, it's finally happened. I've lost my mind. Completely. Or I HAVE taken too much migraine medicine.

I really thought it was still Friday when I posted.

Am loser. LOSER.

*slinks off to write*

Danica said...

Ah crap, okay, I'll do it. Might as well get the kick for finishing a Book in a Week, and since I'm moving into edit mode next week, this'll get me enough into my new book that I'll be grateful to return to it the week after. I hate editing. Why can't I just write good and have what comes right on to the page be perfect?

Jaye said...

LOL, Steph. :-P

Cece, I had the same affliction, cut 2 pages in totally, but added two new pages. So 8 pages to go. Still doable.

Yay, Danica! Hope we all hit our goals by tonight (posting this comment Sunday morning.)

Amie Stuart said...

Danica...I feel the same way. LOSER!

Um....we have until midnight right? Which time zone?

*looks around, kicks the dirt and shuffles out*

Jaye said...

Midnight your time Cece. :-P I'm calling it a night (10:45pm). I didn't make the 10 page goal, barely made half (plus ended cutting over a page worth of stuff); but I got a lot of other errands/things on the 'to do' list done this weekend, so I don't feel too badly.

And I really *really* like what I have down so far for the story.

Sasha made the goal, I guess Steph and Danica in fess up soon. Good luck! And thanks guys for joining in. :-)

Steph T. said...

Hey!! Okay - got about 20 pages (mostly dialogue, but it totally counts! I can stretch it with layers when I type it in. *g*)

So even though I didn't make the 3 chapter goal, I still wrote. Which was a very good thing.

Although, if you let me have my delusions, I'd still have an extra day to write *ggg*

Danica said...

ER, well, I had good intentions but I ended up chatting on yahoo with people instead. I did surpass my daily page goal of five on Sunday and hit 6, and Saturday was 10, so not bad for a weekend.

Crap. Now I have to edit.

Jaye said...

You all suck. And I'm not saying that just because I was the only one not to meet the 10 page goal. ;-) No sour grapes here, folks. Nope. None.

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