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Sunday, May 01, 2005

I have an email contact addy over there in the sidebar. I rarely check it more than once a week, because, in the beginning at least, it wasn't very busy. Plus it's not my main email.

Today I checked it and found:

1. An email from PBW. She'd blogged awhile ago about her (phenomenal) year-to-date output, to which I’d left a comment about being torn between awe and despaired. Her brief, complimentary email encouraged me to continue writing and get my stuff submitted. :-) Thanks, I needed that 'chin up' today.

2. An email from Lin. She'd left a comment to the excerpt I posted. The comment seemed more to express her, er, shock(?) gg, more than anything. I wasn't sure if it was good or bad shock. :-P But the email, and a posting on her blog, went a little more in to it. (It was good) It's nice to correspond with your fellow wannabes. Thanks for reaching out Lin. :-)

3. An email from Marcos Villatoro. He was surfing by and saw that I’d gushed blogged about his first two Romilia Chacon novels. They're both great books, and I can't wait for his next one. His next Autographed one. ::BIG SHIT-EATIN GRIN:: Thank you Mr. Villatoro for your generous offer.

And since I’m in a recommending mood, another very good suspense writer is Galye Lynds. I’ve only read Masquerade, but that was enough to send me scouring the book aisle for Mesmerized and Mosaic.

I haven’t read the last two yet, cause I have this curious habit--when I find a writer whose books I really like, I either inhale them the minute I get my hot little hands on them, or, if we’re talking backlists here, I save them as insurance: for those days when I can't find ANYTHING to read. Then I have this lovely cache of guaranteed good reads to fall back on. Anyone else do this?

Two last recommends — TV shows, this time:

1. Grey’s Anatomy. If you aren’t watching this show, you should be. Great characters and interaction. (How HOT is that attraction between Dr. Yang and Dr Burke? (yeah, I’m particularly interested because of the interracial angle which you NEVER see portrayed so vividly/clearly—-without it being a big freakin ‘racial’ deal. This is about the people, their egos, fears, passions, etc. Not about the color of their skin. Nor does it feel artificial, like things are being ::koffkoff::whitewashed::koff::. gg. Kudos to ABC.)

I think I like GA better than House. With House, the real draw, for me, is the character of Dr. Gregory House. Take him (& Hugh Laurie, who plays him) out of the equation and the show becomes a bit, ehrm, formulaic and ‘okay’. I wish they’d explore subplots re the character's backgrounds/interactions more. Right now they’re just skimming all that.

2. Eyes. This is another show that I watch mostly for the main protagonist, Harlan Judd as played by Tim Daly. Harlan is a fascinating character to watch. He’s charming, good-looking, well dress, rich, and always has a one liner handy. But his eyes, his eyes give him away. They hold an edge of desperation. And when he stops with the jokes, you get a true sense of danger. He’s a shady character, and the writers haven't plumbed the depths of him yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Aside from him, the show is enjoyable, with the rest of the detective agency cast and the ‘mysteries/stories enough to hold my interest. Check this show out. Fast. It looks like it’s been pre-empted all over the place; and as a mid-season replacement with only 8 episodes, it may not come back. *sob*. Okay, this link contains spoilers, but it’s gives a more intriguing insight into the characters/episodes.
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Danica said...

I love Eyes!!

Jaye said...

Yay, someone else is watching! Did you smell the whiff of desperation in my post? I would really, really love if this one was picked up for next season, but it doesn't look like ABC is committed to it. :-(

Sasha said...

I love GA...and I cought EYES for the first time this was f luek too..when is it actually on so I can watch fro it again! I did enjoyit. :D

Anonymous said...

I think you probably mean "Tim" Daly, unless Grandma from Judge Amy has been moonlighting again...

Jaye said...

Yikes! Yes, I do mean Tim. lol. ::blush:: :-P I'll go fix that right now. Thank you Anonymous.

Here in TO, it plays on Global Wednesday nights at 10pm.

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