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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Saturday I was out of town,
Sunday, I was feelin lazy,
Yesterday and today I've been dealing with the usual 'end of month' frenzy at work as everyone tries to close last minute deals and make quota/goals. So I wasn't going to blog today either.... That is, until my buddy Chaos Cat dropped me an email; this year's Romance Junkies Writing Contest has gone live. So drop by her site, read the entries, cast your vote.

I'm just going to chillax for a bit more.Couch Potato
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Danica said...

Excuses excuses. Tell Cat thanks for making you post something... geez!

Anonymous said...

I like the little veggie sitting on the couch.
Is he single?


Canadian Dude said...

I think the little veggie looks bored.

Danica (the other Dream) said...

Apparently, we need to take my doppelganger out a bit more. :) Dream, you need to come to Colorado.

Hope you're getting caught up on life, jaq.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dream!
Colorado? I have relatives there. (shudder...)

The little veggie just needs a little spice in his life. *snort*.

See how adept we are at keeping your blog going, Vanessa?

Jaye said...

Awww, you guys are the bestest 'wouldn't know you from Adam' cyber based friends, a girl could ever want. ;-)

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