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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I only got one recommendation from my previous post. Of course, as I pointed out to Cece, that probably had a lot to do with the, er, lack of popularity of the venue in which said question was posted. ::blush:: lol.

Anywho, for all (two of) you lurking crickets and 'next blog' surfers out there who may have a passing interest in Romance novels based on the B&B premise, I posted my query at a site with far more visitor traffic--Romantic Times Book Club. The ladies there were very helpful, and as I was doing a copy and past compilation list, I realized there's someplace that already has a list of this type, AAR!

So here's the list of titles (so far) from the ladies at RTBC:

**Comments belong to the persons making the suggestions. (obviously, since I haven't read any of the books.)

1. Night of the Phantom - Anne Stuart (Harlequin American Romance #702)
2. Never Call It Loving by Gail Link (historical romance - medieval). Hero is definitely disfigured.
3. Shadow Prince (Contemporary) by Terri Lynn Wilhelm - hero disfigured - - but not too heavy with the sex though. Loved the story!
4. Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath - Hero disfigured - Post Civil War Texas theme - does have love scene, but not overly sensual. Great book!
6. The Sweetest Sin by Mary Reed McCall
7. Last Man Standing by Wendy Rosnau (SIM 1227 - 6/03) -- last book of a trilogy
8. Captured by Victoria Lynne
9. The Lightkeeper's Woman by Mary Burton (HH 693 - 2/04)
10. Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan. Deep, intense, dramatic, emotional...tortured h/h...she covers it all!!
11. A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss
12. TO PLEASURE A PRINCE by Sabrina Jeffries!!! Great beauty and the beast type of story, very sensual.

All About Romance's special listing for Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder, is very extensive and there were a few more under their Fairy Tale Romances listing (although, I think much of it is duplication.)

hmmm...considering how interested I am in this B&B thing, maybe I should be thinking about writing a story along these lines. I did have elements of it in Zoe and Odil's story in making him preceived as a dangerous outcast, etc. Except the man really is easy on the eyes, and I couldn't bare messing him up. :-P
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Sela Carsen said...

Oo-oo!! I'm totally copying this list to go on my next book-buying binge! Being obsessed is sad. ;-)

Amie Stuart said...

I have Lair of the Lion in my TBR pile =)

Jaye said...

I swear, when I went back the next day and saw the response, my pulse sped up. lol. I always knew I liked the Alpha, almost anti-hero Hero. And I've always preferred shape-shifters to vamps. But I never clued into how the whole Beauty and the Beast scenario works all those elements so beautifully. :-)

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