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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The HR dept is at it again, with the daily "inspirational" quote. But this is another good one.

"Success is that old ABC -- ability, breaks, and courage."

As writers we could be gifted with the first two elements, or we can work at them. Your 'ability' (ie: skill and craftmanship) can be identified, practiced and improved upon, and breaks could be broken down to opportunity meets preparedness--given that you're on the constant look out for those breaks. Courage is not just having the guts to query and submit the work, it's also having the guts to persist in the face of rejection, harsh critiques, disappointment after disappoint. It's a tough business. Don't make it anymore complicated that it has to be, keep your mind on the prize, your vision on your work.

There's another ABC used around here by the marketing dept: Always Be Calling. Just another way of saying pursue your goals, focus on them. Notice it's not ABW (Always Be Worrying) or ABB (Always Be Bitching) or even ABP (Always Be Procrastinating...ahem)
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Amie Stuart said...

I'm listening......I'm listeninggggg =)

Kat said...

I think I may have a new motto. ABP...ABP...ABP *gg*

Jaye said...

Cece - Hurrumph.Kat -- hardy-har-har.

I'm far too guilty of the ABWs, ABBs and ABPs. :-P

Sasha White said...

I've been ABP alot lately. *blush*

Suzanne said...

I needed to read that today! (Need to remember the courage part.) Thanks!

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