Time Waster #132

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Some examples from The Absolutely Bottom 50 Superhero Rivals.

1. The Average Avenger vs. The Nefarious Pat of Butter
2. Madame Kick-Ass vs. The Iron Nose
3. The Guy Who Beats People to a Bloody Pulp vs. Tito!
4. Mister Mixed Drinks vs. The Betty Ford Defender
5. The Human Spurt vs. Gonorrhea Gal
6. Larva Lad vs. Monsignor Masturbato
7. Captain Comb-over vs. The Midnight Schmuck
8. Commander Clitoris vs. The Phantom Accessorizer
9. Old Curmudgeon vs. Da Rapmasta
10. The Sticky Philatelist vs. Dust Devil
11. Minority Blind Guy vs. The Uppity MaĆ®tre D’
12. Pre-Menstrual Girl vs. Gay Mark's Super Crisis
13. Baby Wetshimself vs. PaperCutz
14. Brooding Righteousness vs. The Flaming Wonton
15. De-Clawed Kitty vs. Corporate Facilitator
16. Amazing Pimple vs. The Blue Corpse
17. The Amazing Lawn Gnome vs. Lewd Remark Catapult
18. Stigmata Jimmy vs. The Scab-Picker

You can find more Absolute Bottom 50 lists here. Oh, com'on, you knew there was a catch to this. It's a Time Waster post.
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