More Time Wasters (# 752 & 753)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I picked this up from Linda, The Book Genie says I'm 'male'. lol. Maybe I should introduce book genie to vitual me, that would clear up the confusion. g

And, I got this link in an email today. (move your cursor across the bears, you don’t have to click on them.)
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Annie Rayburn said...

You too? It said I was one butch chick! Did you notice it was only getting something like 60% correct?

Jaye said...

I didn't see the percentages, Annie, but I did notice some of the words they 'tagged' as masculine vs femine. :-P Thanks for dropping by. :-)

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, That bear link could waste some serious minutes. LOL! Jordan, who must get to work...

Amie Stuart said...

LOL I did part of my WIP. it was seriously interesting seeing all those (gulp) highlighted words that repeated


Anonymous said...

ummm...I just liked the bears.


Jaye said...

Cece, all the repeated words sort of freaked me out too. Hmm, I may run my next partial through that thing. :-P

Jordan, Dream, I love the bears too. The 'pop' sound they make remind of another timewaster link I used to have. It was a 'screen' full of bubble wrap. That you could just your mouse to pop. gg

Kat said...

I found something kinda interesting.

The first scene I entered was from my H's POV. I was told I was 'male'.

Curiosity struck, so I entered a scene from my h's POV. Female.

*strokes chin*

Innnnnn-teresting. Could this mean I'm actually writing my characters correctly????

Jaye said...

Indeed it does, Miss Kitty. gg

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